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Everything You Need to Know About London’s Drinks Scene

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Meet the New Generation of American Lagers

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Six Beer Cocktails to Get You Through the Weekend

Simple beer cocktails, from classic to Miller-High-Life modern.
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Eating in Bars: The Pacific Northwest’s Broasted Chicken Addiction

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Why Do So Many Sommeliers Love Crappy Beer?

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The Drink Diary of Bon Appétit’s Alison Roman, or An Accidental Rumspringa

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The Ritual of the Shift Drink: NOLA’s Cure

The hallowed ritual of the shift drink may take a different form at every bar, but it inevitably serves the same ...
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We’ll Never Be Royals

Instead of the “divine right of kings” lineage that often drives the wine and spirits industries, brewing gives ...
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Can Craft Beer Truly Express a Sense of Place?

A concept long valued in wine, terroir, is under debate in the craft beer community. Erika Bolden on the American ...
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Non-Alcoholic Beer, or How Not to Make It In America

Big Beer's heaviest hitters are spending millions on R&D for new non-alcoholic beer brands, buoyed by the success of ...
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HBD America: 10 PUNCH Stories All About You

In honor of America, and the many booze-filled taverns and drunken brawls that birthed it, we've rounded up some of ...
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Cuban Heavy Metal, Blackouts and Beer: The Best Drink Reads of the Week

Welcome to The PUNCHbowl, a weekly installment where we share our favorite longreads on all things drinks and nightlife.