gin fizz

How Well Do You Actually Know the Fizz?

One of the original hangover cures, the fizz has gone through countless iterations since its first recorded mention ...

What Does the Aperitif Look Like in America?

With low-alcohol cocktails on the rise, the U.S. is looking to Europe for inspiration. Here, a look at how American ...

Frosé, Three Ways

The invention of frozen rosé—aka frosé—was practically inevitable, and what started last summer is now spreading to ...
Bartender's Choice Shaken with Ginger

Three Bartenders Take on “Shaken, with Ginger”

In "Bartender's Choice," we challenge some of our favorite bartenders with a drink order and see what they come up ...
New Tropical Cocktail Recipe

The New Tropical Cocktails

As the tiki revival spreads beyond the borders of its namesake bars, a new breed of drinks that borrow from tiki ...
Swizzle Cocktail Recipe

How Well Do You Actually Know the Swizzle?

Named for its namesake stirrer, the swizzle hails from the longstanding West Indian tradition of theatrical mixed ...
Smuggler's Cove Eras of Tiki

The Evolution of Tiki in Four Eras

Prior to its near-extinction and subsequent revival, tiki culture underwent decades of rapid evolution. Martin Cate ...
don's mix recipe

Should Don’s Mix Not Be a Mix At All?

In tiki's heyday, the recipes for proprietary syrups were fiercely guarded, including that for Donn Beach's "Don's ...
Angostura Bitters

What’s in a Dash, Anyway?

Seven years ago, bartender Don Lee set out to quantify one of the cocktail's immeasurable components, the ...
Ramos Gin Fizz Recipe Shortcuts

Building a Better Ramos Gin Fizz

From blenders to bubble tea makers to a piston-propelled shaker, Kara Newman on the how bartenders are hacking their ...
Summer Sour Cocktail Recipes

Six Summer Sours, Tall and Short

The age-old combination of spirit, citrus and sugar is essentially the mirepoix of the cocktail world. Here, six ...
Orange Crush Cocktail Recipe

The Rise of Baltimore’s Orange Crush Cocktail

The Orange Crush cocktail—a mix of OJ, orange vodka, triple sec and lemon-lime soda—may have started on Maryland's ...
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