London’s New Bathroom Bars

A former public restroom might not seem like the ideal space to open a bar, but London’s nightlife creatives are ...
mr boston official bartenders guide cocktail book

Mr. Boston Must Not Die

Once ubiquitous on every bar shelf, the Mr. Boston Official Bartender's Guide has gone through a dark age and a ...
strong stirred cocktails pen pal

Eight Strong and Stirred Winter Cocktail Recipes

With their jewel-colored liqueurs and strong spirits, stirred drinks are the mascot cocktails of the winter months. ...
espresso martini

How the Espresso Martini Became a National Obsession in Australia

Left behind by American bartenders and drinkers as a relic of the Dark Ages of the Cocktail, the Espresso Martini has ...
bar design speakeasy sign

Bar Design in the Post-Speakeasy Era

Over the last 15 years "speakeasy" has become synonymous with "cocktail bar." Now that the aesthetic has run its ...
cocktail pairing bagel black seed nyc

Can Food and Cocktails Really Pair Well?

Cocktail programs at restaurants have become ubiquitous, so why are cocktail pairings still relatively rare? Dan ...

Preservation Cocktails: DIY Winter Shrubs

Born from the ancient Muslim sherbet, shrubs have come back into vogue as not only a cocktail ingredient, but a way ...
rawhide gay bar new york closed

The Case of America’s Disappearing Gay Bars

In cities like San Francisco and New York, gay bars—once central to both a city's gay community and the liberation ...
southwark illustration natalie nelson

It’s Not For Everyone: Philly’s Most Idiosyncratic Cocktail Bar

Welcome to "About a Bar," a column that explores America's newest and most notable bars and cocktail programs. This ...
papa's pride cocktail recipe jay zimmerman daniel krieger

PUNCH’s Most Popular Cocktail Recipes of 2014

From the classic Sherry Cobbler to a beer-laced riff on the Americano to the original Old-Fashioned, here's a look ...
marcel lapierre nude wine harvester calendar

PUNCH’s Most Popular Stories of 2014

From nude French wine harvesters to discussions of gender, True Detective, wine tonging, Wall Street drinking and the ...
new years resolutions illustration

Death to the Pickleback and Other Drinking Resolutions

Eating and drinking for a living is fraught with all sorts of hazards. Like pickleback shots. And generally overdoing ...
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