Riff Diaries: Bitters

With a flick of the wrist, a dash or two of bitters can transform a drink. Here are four cocktails that simply can't ...
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Rap, Immortality & the Frozen Daiquiri

From bounce to voodoo, Southern Louisiana is home to a myriad of oddball devotions. Lora Smith explores the ...
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No More Shots in 2014: Resolutions of the Drinking Kind

Eating and drinking for a living is fraught with all sorts of hazards. Like shots. And generally overdoing it. A ...
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The Hot Nerds of Holiday Cocktails

The oft-dismissed category of winter cocktails are back, batter-buttered and hotter than ever.
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Christmas Drinking: In Search of Tom and Jerry

Anne Zimmerman documents one man's quest to recreate a 19th-century rum and brandy-soaked classic, perfect recipe ...

Drinking During New York City’s Disco Days

The '70s revival is in full swing, but what was the Me Decade really like? Regan Hofmann pieces together the ...
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Drink These Cocktails in Your (Long) Underwear

Five bone-warming cocktails for your December pleasure.
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Riff Diaries: The Whiskey Sour

Whether served up at a cocktail joint or on the rocks at a dive, the Whiskey Sour is America's most democratic cocktail.
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The Grand Dames of New Orleans Drinking

The heiresses to New Orleans's most legendary restaurant dynasty, Lally Brennan and Ti Martin, discuss growing up ...
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ZZ’s Clam Bar: NY’s Emerald City of Cocktails

Behind the curtain of this miniature New York City bar is a wonderland of spectacular drinking that includes ...
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Set Your Holiday Punch on Fire, Charles Dickens Style

A cheek-warming mix of cognac, rum, citrus, sugar, black tea ... and fire.
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Drinking with NPR’s Ari Shapiro

The James Bond of public radio on his double life as a vocalist for Pink Martini and drinking on—and off—the ...