semmel shotgun a beer everyday instagram illustration

How Shotgunning Got Its Very Own Ambassador

More than 200 days ago, Aaron Semmel vowed to shotgun a beer every day for a year and document it on Instagram. Drew ...

The Life and Death of the American Pool Hall

Once a game of high society, pool and the oft-demonized pool hall, have experienced a muddled history in both pop ...
espresso martini

How the Espresso Martini Became a National Obsession in Australia

Left behind by American bartenders and drinkers as a relic of the Dark Ages of the Cocktail, the Espresso Martini has ...
drinking in dubai illustration

The Strange Paradox That Is Drinking in Dubai

Dubai is notorious for its paradoxical drinking culture, which is equal parts prohibitionist and over-the-top. Andrew ...
bar design speakeasy sign

Bar Design in the Post-Speakeasy Era

Over the last 15 years "speakeasy" has become synonymous with "cocktail bar." Now that the aesthetic has run its ...
rawhide gay bar new york closed

The Case of America’s Disappearing Gay Bars

In cities like San Francisco and New York, gay bars—once central to both a city's gay community and the liberation ...
kentucky common beer

Whatever Happened to Kentucky Common Beer?

Forgotten since Prohibition, Kentucky Common—Louisville's native beer style—is primed for a comeback. Sarah Baird on ...
southwark illustration natalie nelson

It’s Not For Everyone: Philly’s Most Idiosyncratic Cocktail Bar

Welcome to "About a Bar," a column that explores America's newest and most notable bars and cocktail programs. This ...

Can Starbucks Really Succeed As a Bar?

In December, Starbucks revealed its plan to roll out a pilot nighttime concept—Starbucks Evenings—to nearly 3,000 of ...
marcel lapierre nude wine harvester calendar

PUNCH’s Most Popular Stories of 2014

From nude French wine harvesters to discussions of gender, True Detective, wine tonging, Wall Street drinking and the ...
coquito cocktail recipe puerto rico

Coquito: Puerto Rico’s Tropical Take on Eggnog

Most American Christmas drinks hew almost exclusively to Anglo-Saxon traditions. But what about the rest of the ...

The Best Bars That Never Existed

If "third places" are our social venues outside of home and work like bars and cafés, then "fourth places" are, ...
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