The Weird World of Wine and Spirits Vaping

As the multi-billion-dollar e-cigarette business continues to come of age, a subculture of "vaping" flavors and ...

PUNCH Turns One: A Look Back at Our Favorite Stories

A year into PUNCH, we're honored to have seen so many incredible stories, photographs and videos cross our desks. In ...

Is Flavored Whiskey a Threat to Hardcore Whiskey Drinkers?

Cherry, blackberry, honey—over the past few years, flavors usually associated with cough drops have snuck into ...

Is Bottle Service Growing Up or Fading Away?

Once the indicator of an A-lister, bottle service and all its diamond-encrusted pomp has become one of the biggest ...
mellow corn liquor bottle

The Newest Bartender Obsession: Mellow Corn

Previously unknown outside of Kentucky, Mellow Corn has become the latest bartender obsession—thanks, in large part, ...
glenglassaugh distillery scotland

Scotch Takes a Hint from Bourbon

In the wake of Scotland's vote for independence, the country is caught between past and present more than ever. Alia ...
pulqueria mexico city fecho

A Pulque Revolution Brews in Mexico City

Once revered as the Aztec "drink of the gods," pulque is amidst an unlikely revival. Sarah Baird travels to Mexico ...
cocktail nude magazine alcohol

When Nude Magazines Met Booze: A Love Story

Since the dawn of porn magazines in America, booze and nudity have been presented as the most amicable combination of ...

A Brief History of the Binge Drinking PSA

Since the post-WWII years, binge drinking PSAs have focused on the destruction of gender norms, not health issues, as ...

The Making of Charleston’s Grand Marnier Craze

Thanks to one rowdy chef's evangelizing, Grand Marnier saw a heyday in 1990s Charleston. And though the orange ...
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