Best Red Wines for Summer

What is the Quintessential Summer Red Wine?

Light red wines have become increasingly fashionable of late, especially in the heat of summer, when it's only ...
Wine Bottle Shapes

A Brief Guide to Wine Bottle Design

Wine bottles come in a set spectrum of subtly different, yet instantly recognizable, shapes. But why? Jennifer ...
Pet Nat Wine

Crib Sheet: Your Guide to American Pét-Nat

Welcome to "Crib Sheet," your monthly shortcut to what's hot in wine right now, in four bottles, courtesy of Jon ...
sommelier challenge illustration

Welcome to “Possibly Useful Wine Questions”

Welcome to "Possibly Useful Wine Questions" (PUWQ), in which we ask sommeliers to pick wines for some unconventional ...
Cheap wine

How Do You Make a Wine That Costs $3.50?

How does a $3.50 bottle of wine go from grape to store for so little? Megan Krigbaum investigates what actually goes ...
best chianti wine

Nine Reasons to Pay Attention to Chianti

It's time to reconsider Chianti and the tired tropes that have come to define expectations about the classic wine. ...

What Happened to Chianti?

Chianti's ubiquity has, perversely, also been its downfall. Zachary Sussman on what our indifference to a classic ...
Long reads

July’s Best Reads on Drinks and Drinking

Welcome to The PUNCHbowl, a monthly installment where we share our favorite long reads on all things drinks and ...
Daily Wine List Republique

Should a Wine List Change Daily?

Over the past ten years, sommeliers have begun to favor smaller, seasonal lists. Some are taking it one step further, ...
savoie wine jon bonne

Can the Savoie Become the Rhône’s Rival Sister?

Too often thought of as an annex to the Jura, the Savoie actually has far more in common with the nearby Rhône ...
Savoie Wine Producers

The Six Savoie Producers to Know Right Now

Though much of the wine you’ll find from Savoie in America tends to be relatively cheap and simple, the region has ...
italian aperitivo in america

Italian Aperitivo Finds Its Footing in America

Italy's take on happy hour, aperitivo, is gaining steam in the U.S., where a number of bars are combining the Italian ...
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