plate filled with wine corks

Confessions of a Checklist Drinker

Charles Antin spent the better part of his 20s in the fine and rare wine department at Christie’s. But after nearly a ...
Drink Like a Buddhist Thumbnail

Drink Like a Buddhist

Lodro Rinzler—Buddhist celeb and author of the best-selling book The Buddha Walks into a Bar—talks about his life ...
La Pointe du Grouin bar scene

Entrée Libre: Thierry Breton Reinvents the Paris Wine Bar

No phone, no reservations, no service, a megaphone and its own sovereign currency. La Pointe du Grouin is Paris’s ...

Watch Richard Boccato Make Ice Cubes with a Chainsaw

The owner of NYC's Dutch Kills shows a 300-pound block of ice what's what.
Bar Gen Yamamoto cocktail grapes

This Is What Tokyo Tastes Like

Armed with an arsenal of seasonal Japanese ingredients Gen Yamamoto's eight-seat bar, tucked into the belly of Tokyo, ...
three negroni cocktails

Riff Diaries: The Negroni

Italy's strong and bitter swashbuckler, three different ways.
wine tasting

How to Taste Wine and Win Friends

Welcome to the first installment of "That Certain Something," a dating and entertaining column that Emily Post ...
joy of cooking

Gin & Ingenuity: Drinking Through the Joy of Cooking

The current keepers of what has become one of America's most iconic cookbooks trace the 82-year evolution of Joy's ...

Lessons from An Indescribable Dive

Somewhere in Maryland, Anne Zimmerman stumbles upon Buzzy’s—a mashup of clapboard general store and local hangout—and ...

Cocktails from Another Era at 500 Euros a Pop

In the back alleys of Berlin, a hidden, guest list-only bar serves up cocktails with century-old spirits.

Watch a Few O.G.s Make Punch in a Pool

Highly-esteemed men of drink Dave Wondrich, Dale DeGroff, Toby Cecchini and Allen Katz set out to make the biggest ...
girls hannah horvath wine

(Not) Drinking with GIRLS’s Hannah Horvath

Jennifer Cacicio on the surprising treatment of alcohol on GIRLS and why it says more about adulthood than it does ...