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Weird Holiday Wine Pairing with Le Pigeon

From yule logs to Jell-O to creamy meat salad, the gang at Portland's Le Pigeon offers wine pairings for nine creepy ...
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The Hot Nerds of Holiday Cocktails

The oft-dismissed category of winter cocktails are back, batter-buttered and hotter than ever.
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Christmas Drinking: In Search of Tom and Jerry

Anne Zimmerman documents one man's quest to recreate a 19th-century rum and brandy-soaked classic, perfect recipe ...
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Meet R(h)um’s One Percent

From the dank jungle of Martinique to the cool cellars of Cognac, a new wave of high-quality r(h)um is establishing ...
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The Rise of American Absinthe

The U.S. has become an unlikely homebase for absinthe's new avant-garde. Mixing a distinct sense of American ...

Drinking During New York City’s Disco Days

The '70s revival is in full swing, but what was the Me Decade really like? Regan Hofmann pieces together the ...
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The Rise of the American “Somm”

The reinvention of the wine professional has resulted in a new brand of next-gen swagger, complete with a revamped ...
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The Bourbon Trail, Beyond Kentucky

On his 24-city book tour, chef Ed Lee vowed to drink bourbon with a different chef, bartender or random stranger in ...
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Drink These Cocktails in Your (Long) Underwear

Five bone-warming cocktails for your December pleasure.
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The Secret Lives of Distillery Cats

As craft distilling booms across America, a new generation of distillery cat is stepping into the spotlight. Brad ...
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Riff Diaries: The Whiskey Sour

Whether served up at a cocktail joint or on the rocks at a dive, the Whiskey Sour is America's most democratic cocktail.
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Madeira’s Long Engagement with the Lowcountry

Native Charlestonians and cookbook authors, Matt Lee & Ted Lee, go on the hunt for the connection between their ...