Aaron Goldfarb

Aaron Goldfarb lives in Brooklyn and is the author of The Guide for a Single Man and The Guide for a Single Woman. His writing on beer has appeared in Esquire, Playboy, The Daily Beast, Draft Magazine and more.

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How the East Coast Won the Battle for the IPA

In less than a half-decade, the unique style of hazy, juicy, barely bitter IPA associated with the east coast has overtaken its west coast counterpart.

Navigating Today’s New England-Style IPA Boom

Aaron Goldfarb and a panel of tasters find five standout bottles in a lineup of hazy, juicy New England-style IPAs.

The Ice Bar Cometh, But Why?

How did the ice bar, wherein patrons gather to drink in below-freezing temperatures, become a worldwide phenomenon?

The Year Sour Beer Became a Sensation

Today, virtually every brewery of note has a sour in their portfolio. Just a decade ago, that was hardly the case. Aaron Goldfarb on how “sour” became an overnight sensation.

Meet the Who’s Who of Beer Cool

Only a small number of beers display both the innovation and reach to be considered exemplary of the current zeitgeist.

The Year the IPA Came to Rule Craft Beer

With the launch of Pliny the Younger in 2005, the IPA quickly became the canvas for craft beer experimentation. Aaron Goldfarb on the year that the IPA went from sleeper to sensation, and why.

How a Homemade Blend Became One of America’s Most Coveted Bourbons

The hottest bourbon right now is a secret, homemade blend that can only be acquired via Facebook. Aaron Goldfarb on how “California Gold” became an underground phenomenon.

The Imperial Stouts That Time Forgot

Today’s most lauded imperial stout beers are often packed with everything from pasilla chiles to gingerbread. But just a decade ago, that wasn’t the case.

The Ultimate Flagship Beer Showdown

Aaron Goldfarb and a panel of tasters blind-taste flagship beers, from Left Hand Milk Stout to Shiner Bock to New Belgium Fat Tire.

The Year European Beer Lost Its Hold on America

A half-decade ago, European beer reigned supreme on top lists. Aaron Goldfarb on the moment that all ended, and why.