Aaron Goldfarb

Aaron Goldfarb lives in Brooklyn and is the author of The Guide for a Single Man and The Guide for a Single Woman. His writing on beer has appeared in Esquire, Playboy, The Daily Beast, Draft Magazine and more.

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Confessions of a Beer Ticker

The psychology behind amassing alcohol often harkens back to childhood collection obsessions—from baseball cards to Bourbon County Stout, from pogs to Pappy. Aaron Goldfarb on his own collecting evolution and what it means to be a beer “ticker.”

The American Brewers Redefining Farmhouse Ale

Farmhouse ales, long the domain of Belgium and France, have been co-opted and riffed on by American brewers. Aaron Goldfarb on the ten breweries—on and off the farm—who are redefining the style.

Whatever Happened to the Singles Bar?

The 1960s gave birth to a new era of urban nightlife centered around the “singles bar”—a genre of male- and female-friendly watering holes that proliferated along the far reaches of Manhattan’s 1st Avenue and spread around the country. Aaron Goldfarb on the life and death of the singles bar, and whether they’re really gone for good.

The Quick Rise and (Tragic) Fall of Bed Clubs

There was a time when the hottest place to go on night out was a nightclub with beds in it. Aaron Goldfarb delves into the meteoric rise—from anarcho-artists’ collective in Amsterdam to that infamous Sex and the City episode—and tragic downfall of the American “bed club” trend.

What the Hell Is “Summer Beer”?

Since Anchor Brewing debuted the first self-identified “summer beer” in 1984, the category has yielded some of America’s best-selling beers. And yet it has no official definition. Aaron Goldfarb on what “summer beer” means, and what you should be drinking now.

You Don’t Hate IPAs, You Just Think You Do

The IPA, a generously hopped style of pale ale that has become synonymous with craft beer, has become the the whipping boy of many who are still scarred by the “bitter is better” era of craft brewing. But IPA as a style has never been more diverse. Aaron Goldfarb on why IPA haters don’t actually hate IPA.

The Next Frontier in Barrel-Aged Craft Beer

Once an obscure beer geek obsession, beers aged in unorthodox barrels—from mezcal and aquavit barrels to those that once held Tabasco or Boulevardiers—have become the new frontier. Aaron Goldfarb on what’s working, what isn’t and what the future holds.