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A Philadelphia-based food and drink writer, Drew Lazor has contributed to Bon Appétit, Condé Nast Traveler, Lucky Peach, Food Network, Food Republic, the Philadelphia Inquirer, Saveur and Serious Eats. More at drewlazor.com.

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Meet Yakka: The Trashcan Cocktail of College Debaters Worldwide

The unofficial drink of the college debate world has a cult-like following, and nebulous origins. Drew Lazor on how this trashcan brew became a global phenomenon.

Meet Stump: Possibly the World’s Most Unsafe Drinking Game

Likely the only drinking game to combine flailing hammers, nails and booze, Stump has earned fans in the Northeastern U.S., and around the world. Drew Lazor on the rules of the game, and why danger is all part of the appeal.

No More Three-Martini Nights, and Other Drinking Resolutions

Eating and drinking for a living is fraught with all sorts of hazards. Like Fireball-Rumchata cocktails. And generally overdoing it. A handful of professionals look back at 2016 to determine what they absolutely won’t (and will) do again.

Holiday Drinking Like It’s 1951

1951’s The Holiday Drink Book has a few lessons still to be gleaned from it, even in 2016. Drew Lazor on the recipes and more-the-merrier cultural commentary contained in this true midcentury relic.

When Is a Negroni No Longer a Negroni?

Cocktail menus have moved far beyond the classics, but nearly every modern drink traces its roots back to one. Drew Lazor on the bars charting the genealogies of the classic canon from obscure beginnings to modern day deviations.

How a Spirits Bottle Becomes Iconic

Some of the world’s most famous spirits brands are known not only for what’s inside their bottles, but for the bottles themselves. Drew Lazor seeks out the stories behind a few of the most recognizable designs, old and new.

House Rules: Drinking with “The Dude”

The idea of drinking to one’s favorite films has spawned an online community dedicated to movie-based drinking games. Drew Lazor on the rules to boozing along with The Big Lebowski, Reservoir Dogs, Labyrinth and more.

How Did Beer Pong Become America’s Most Iconic Drinking Game?

Practically a collegiate rite of passage, beer pong has become so firmly established in the American imagination that it’s inspired books, a World Tournament and most recently, a documentary. Drew Lazor on how pong became our most beloved drinking game.

The Rise of Baltimore’s Orange Crush Cocktail

The Orange Crush cocktail—a mix of OJ, orange vodka, triple sec and lemon-lime soda—may have started on Maryland’s shores, but it’s become a phenomenon throughout the state and beyond. Drew Lazor on the unexpected rise of this delightfully un-hip drink.

The Misguided Pleasures of “Slap the Bag”

For ages the drinking game has united humans in riotous consumption. In our column “House Rules,” Drew Lazor explores drinking games throughout time and around the world. Up now: “Slap the Bag,” America’s finest boxed wine-based drinking game.