Garrett Snyder

Garrett Snyder is a writer and beverage enthusiast based in Los Angeles. His work has appeared in publications such as the Los Angeles Times, LA Weekly, Los Angeles magazine, GQ, Thrillist and Tasting Table.

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How an LA Bar Built One of the World’s Greatest Stockpiles of Rare Spirits

Old Lightning may have the greatest collection of hard-to-get spirits in the world. Garrett Snyder offers a rare look at the secretive bar and the owners’ unorthodox journey to build its collection.

A Match Made in Paradise: The Story of Chinese-Tiki

Often the most reliable place to find a tiki cocktail—even if it’s a bad one—is at a Chinese restaurant. But why? The answer is part of a greater story of cultural appropriation, culinary assimilation and the American thirst for the exotic.

The Ritual of the Shift Drink: LA’s Honeycut

The hallowed ritual of the shift drink may take a different form at every bar, but it inevitably serves the same purpose: letting the staff exhale at the end of service. At Honeycut in LA, it comes in mini shots of tequila and Cosmos.