Jon Bonné

Senior Contributing Editor

Jon Bonné is senior contributing editor for PUNCH, wine columnist at The San Francisco Chronicle and author of The New California Wine. He is currently working on his next book, The New French Wine. He lives in New York City.

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Long Island Wine’s Hunt for a New Identity

Long Island wine has long been stymied by a number of factors—most notably its initial Bordeaux aspirations. But despite the odds stacked against it, that’s changing. Jon Bonné meets with the winemakers, both new and established, who are charting a new path ahead.

What Does It Take to Be a Great Wine Reference Book Today?

This month, two of wine’s most iconic books—The Oxford Companion to Wine and The Wine Bible—saw updated editions. Jon Bonné reviews both, and considers the challenge of staying current and authoritative in today’s ever-changing wine world.

The Great Equalizing of Natural Wine

The natural wine movement has gone from fringe to more visible over the last several years. With it, the context in which we encounter and experience the wines has begun to change, too. Jon Bonné on the next “Nat Pack” and a new, friendlier era of natural wine consumption.

Will the Real Jura Please Stand Up?

Over the last decade, the Jura has emerged as an impossibly hip antihero for a new era of wine consumption. But how much of the region’s accepted narrative is actually true, and how much of it has been fabricated by our own blind adoration? Jon Bonné separates fact from fiction.

Who Will Decide the Future of Beaujolais?

Beaujolais is at a crucial moment as it moves beyond its second-rate past and seeks to define a new legacy for itself. The question is: What is that legacy? Jon Bonné on terroir, identity and the next generation of winemakers who will shape the region’s future.

Does Gramercy Tavern Have the Best Wine Program in America?

What, exactly, makes a wine list great? Jon Bonné on the new tenets that define a successful wine program, and why he believes Gramercy Tavern is a perfect reflection of how we, at our best, drink today.

What Is Wine’s Equivalent of a Beach Read?

In the torpor of August, even the most discerning wine brain needs a break. Jon Bonné makes the case for the wine equivalent of a great beach read: bottles that are delicious, cheap ($15 and under cheap) and satisfyingly uncomplicated.

The Rise of Champagne’s Rebel South

For a century, the southernmost outpost of Champagne—known as the the Aube—has existed as the back office to Champagne’s northern holy land. Now it’s a promised land for rebels. Jon Bonné on the freedom that’s propelled the region and its wines, and why they may have more in common with Burgundy than Champagne.

A Serious Case for Sweet, Fizzy Wine

Artisanal off-dry, fizzy wines—of which Bugey-Cerdon is the poster child—have made headway amongst some of the wine world’s avant-garde. But will they ever really happen? Jon Bonné on what’s held them back, and why they deserve their moment in the sun.

The Jura Wines Nobody’s Telling You About

The Jura has become the darling of the wine world for its outsider status and rustic sous voile wines. But what of the more conventional ouillé style being adopted by some of the region’s most influential producers? Jon Bonné on why they may be its future.