Justin Kennedy

Justin Kennedy is freelance writer and producer based in Brooklyn. He contributes regularly to Lucky Peach, Beer Advocate and Bloomberg Business and produces Beer Sessions Radio on the Heritage Radio Network.

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The Pink-Hued Appeal of Hibiscus Beer

Tart, floral and bright pink, hibiscus has become a new darling among craft brewers. Justin Kennedy on the mini boom of hibiscus beers, plus five to try.

Meet the Metal Heads Making America’s Best New Saisons

A love of heavy metal, an occult-leaning aesthetic and funky, nuanced saisons all add up to one of the most interesting new American breweries. Justin Kennedy on what makes Holy Mountain Brewing so special, plus five of their mixed-fermentation beers to try.

Why Are New Zealand Hops So Coveted?

Fruity, citrusy and highly aromatic, New Zealand hops are some of the hottest varieties on the market right now. They’re also nearly impossible to get. Justin Kennedy on what makes these hops so special, and the domestic Kiwi-hopped beers to try now.