Kara Newman

Kara Newman reviews spirits for Wine Enthusiast magazine and is the author of Shake.Stir.Sip. (Chronicle Books) and the forthcoming Road Soda (Dovetail Press).

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Why the Penicillin Became the Most Riffed-On Modern Classic

Among the most well-traveled of the modern classic cocktails, the Penicillin has also become the source of countless riffs.

The Next Generation of Fat-Washed Cocktails

In 2007, PDT’s Benton’s Old Fashioned put fat-washing on the cocktail map; a decade later, it’s gone way beyond bacon.

How to Build an Activist Bar

Charity saloons, “philanthropubs” and other bars that raise money for charity herald the arrival of the bar-as-social statement.

Inside Bushwick’s Invite-Only Covert Cocktail Club

Ever dreamed of running a secret bar out of your home? This guy does—and his isn’t the only one around, either. Kara Newman spends a night at a real-life Brooklyn speakeasy.

One More Round for Rocky at the Palais Royale

What does the bar by which we judge all other bars look like today? In “Deep Dive,” we send writers back to their college haunts to find out what treasures they still hold. Up now: Kara Newman on Albany’s Palais Royale.

Where Did the “Snaquiri” Come From?

The “Snaquiri”—or a tiny Daiquiri meant to be taken as a shot—has become a nationwide bartender handshake. Kara Newman on where the Snaquiri originated, and how it’s evolved.

How Pittsburgh Became an Eccentric Tiki Mecca

The ocean is nowhere in sight, but that hasn’t stopped Pittsburgh from developing one of the deepest—and quirkiest—tiki cultures in the country. Kara Newman takes a look inside Steel City’s unexpected tiki scene.

How the Last Word Became a Cult Classic

What is it about the Last Word—that equal-parts cocktail driven by gin and green Chartreuse—that has spawned such adoration from bartenders? Kara Newman on the pre-Prohibition-era drink’s revival, and the countless riffs it’s inspired.

WTF Is Wrong with the Blood and Sand Cocktail?

A time-honored Scotch-based classic, the Blood and Sand has been around since the 1920s. But by modern standards, it’s a mess. Kara Newman on how today’s bartenders are finding ways to fix it.

Meet the New Martini

Subtle upgrades are making the world’s most nuanced drink worth seeking out all over again. Kara Newman unravels the postmodern Martini.