Kenny Herzog

Kenny Herzog is a former editor for brands including CMJ and HEEB, and a present-day pop-culture writer currently contributing to Rolling Stone, Esquire, Vulture, Made Man and many more.

Articles by Kenny

The Stories Behind Five Anti-Trump Beers

A growing number of breweries across the country have been creating recipes for new beers that directly confront the Trump administration. Here are five, and the stories behind them.

Mix Tapes: Behind the Soundtrack at New Orleans’ Cure

The allure of a bar is never based solely on its drinks. Here, a glimpse of the eclectic atmospherics at New Orleans’ Cure cocktail bar.

Mix Tapes: Behind the Soundtrack at NYC’s Proletariat

The allure of a bar is never based solely on its drinks. Here, in Mix Tapes, Kenny Herzog sheds light on some of the best bar playlists and the philosophies behind them. First up: a glimpse of the hip-hop-centric sound at Proletariat Bar.

A Quasi-Scientific Look at How a Hit Song Becomes a Barroom Classic

“Livin’ on a Prayer.” “Come on Eileen.” “Fat Bottomed Girls.” All of these songs, plus a handful of others, have become American bar classics, their appeal spanning all ages and locales. Kenny Herzog talks with music critics about the making of a timeless barroom hit.

Whiskey’s New Beer-Infused Fringe

Whiskey producers big and small are narrowing the gap between craft beer and whiskey by either distilling from finished beers, or aging their whiskies in barrels that previously held beer. Kenny Herzog on how and why the two worlds are moving closer together.

15 of the Best Bar Jukeboxes in America

A bar’s soundtrack is as much a part of a drinker’s experience as the type of whiskey on the shelf. In a time when auto-generated Spotify playlists rule, a few select venues are holding on to that treasured barroom staple of yesteryear: the jukebox. Kenny Herzog rounds up some of best remaining CD- and vinyl-operated bar jukes in the country.

Drinking with Tool Frontman and Winemaker Maynard James Keenan

While in New York City, the iconic co-founder/singer for Tool, A Perfect Circle and Puscifer talks with Kenny Herzog about everything from mastering pasta to winemaking to, well, baby shit.

Drinking with Comedian and Musician Dave Hill

Comedian and musician Dave Hill straddles an odd balance of near-celebrity and cult persona. Here, he talks with Kenny Herzog about messy rockstar nights, his new Steve Carell-produced comedy and affection for Islay scotch.

Will Booze TV Ever Go Mainstream?

TV is awash with shows about food and cooking. But drinking? Not so much. Kenny Herzog reports on why shows about booze have struggled to find mainstream success.