Leslie Pariseau

Leslie Pariseau is a writer living in Brooklyn and occasionally Los Angeles. She's the former Deputy Editor of PUNCH and co-author of the forthcoming SPRITZ (Ten Speed Press, Spring 2016). She has written for GQ, Esquire, Saveur, the New York Times, Radio Silence and Vulture.

Articles by Leslie

How the Margarita Became American

The Margarita-slinging Mexican cantina has informed America’s understanding of south-of-the-border culture since the midcentury. Leslie Pariseau on the how the Margarita embedded itself in America, and the Southern California cantinas that have long been its lifeblood.

The Petraske Family Tree Grows in Brooklyn

Faced with finishing her late mentor’s final project, bartender Lucinda Sterling found a way to collaborate with his vision while making it her new home, too. Leslie Pariseau on Sterling’s Seaborne and the second coming of Sasha Petraske.

The Art of the Free Pour

Unbeknownst to most customers, a great debate is stirring among bartenders across America about how exactly booze is poured into their mixing tins. Leslie Pariseau on the merits of free pouring versus jiggering, and why the former—though more challenging—offers bartenders more, well, freedom.

The Evolution of the “Pop” Cocktail

Every cocktail bar menu comes stocked with at least one cocktail designed to appeal and go down easy—not unlike an addictive, cotton-candy-light tune in the Top 40. Leslie Pariseau tracks the evolution of the “pop” drink, and what makes it tick in 2015.

What Does a Four-Star Bar Look Like?

As more diners choose to eat at restaurant bars, and more restaurants offer top-notch drinks, how do fine dining establishments do the same? Leslie Pariseau visits a few of the country’s four-star bars to find out what defines a fine-dining bar program today.

Why We Still Worship Hemingway at His Bars

Even to the Hemingway dilettante, the bars where the literary giant drank are famous. But what has his legacy bequeathed to them? Leslie Pariseau traces her way through Hemingway’s haunts to see how his memory, and the near-religious fervor he continues to inspire, has affected them through the years.

Drinking with Grizzly Bear’s Chris Taylor

The indie musician and producer on his new cookbook, the LA lifestyle, staging at the best restaurant in the world and why he doesn’t drink on stage.

The Desert Lounge Where Old Hollywood Lives

Welcome to “About a Bar,” a column that explores America’s most notable bars and cocktail programs. This week, Leslie Pariseau hits Melvyn’s, a one-time Rat Pack refuge and Hollywood haven in Palm Springs.

What a Night of Drinking in Portland Looks Like

An unflappable mix of eccentric and enlightened, Portland, Oregon is currently amidst a mini-boom of drinking establishments. Dylan + Jeni capture its wonderful weirdness from afternoon cocktails to late night noodle bowls. This is Saturday Night in Portland. (Sildeshow →)

The Negroni Is the Kale of Cocktails

With the evolution of the American palate toward weirder flavors, the ever-bitter, always permutable Negroni has become the staple of cocktail menus across the country. Here are four riffs to carry you from a.m. to p.m. in bitter fashion.