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Inside the Magical World of Tiki Kon

At Portland’s annual celebration of Polynesian-pop fantasy, anyone with a love of Hawaiian shirts and rum can live the good life, if just for a weekend. Real-life tiki god Martin Cate—owner of San Francisco’s Smuggler’s Cove—takes us inside the tropical fever dream that is Tiki Kon.

Saturday Night in LA’s Koreatown

LA’s most densely populated neighborhood is also its most exciting place to drink right now. From a new-wave karaoke joint to a pojangmacha-style pub to a historic dive bar, here’s what Saturday night in Koreatown looks like.

The Best Craft Cocktail Bars in Hong Kong

Perhaps a bit late to the international party, Hong Kong has finally, whole-heartedly, embraced cocktails. The island’s colonial history means a proper Gin and Tonic can be found in a British Empire-era haunt while, just a stone’s throw away, ultra-modern bars are pushing the limits of molecular mixology. A hybrid of homegrown innovation and port […]

The Best Restaurant Bars in Hong Kong

Hong Kong is a food-obsessed city and a booming mecca for international restaurateurs, but its restaurant bars have lagged behind. That’s changing. Below is a list of bars that are raising the bar, and doing their part to propel the city’s nascent cocktail culture forward. —Charley Lanyon

The Best Bars with a View in Hong Kong

The skyline is Hong Kong’s calling card. Densely packed with skyscrapers towering over the harbor, the world’s most vertical city reflects its neon facades onto the surrounding waters, creating an optical illusion that’s hypnotic in its effect on visitors. Watching the nautical traffic is Hong Kong’s equivalent of people watching, and every evening post-work crowds gather to watch […]

The Best Beer Bars in Hong Kong

Not long ago Hong Kong was considered something of a beer wasteland. There were no local craft beers to speak of, and bars peddled only the cheapest of microbrews. But in the last couple years, Hong Kong has given birth to a spate of excellent beer bars and pubs that specialize in everything from British to […]

The Best Gay Bars in Washington, D.C.

It might come as a surprise to learn that Washington, D.C.—our nation’s capital, if you’ve managed to forget—has been described as “the gayest place in America.” As an epicenter, gay drinkers can find no shortage of options, from sports bars to cocktail bars to dance clubs, many of which are concentrated near Dupont Circle and 17th […]

The Best Restaurant Bars in Washington, D.C.

An unexpected leader in America’s culinary scene, it’s only natural that Washington, D.C.’s restaurant bar scene has followed close on the kitchens’ heels. From old school whiskey-and-cigar standards to new, hyper-focused restaurants that go deep on a single spirit, D.C.’s restaurant bars are some of the best places to have a steak and a Martini or […]

The Best Places to Drink Wine in Washington, D.C.

At the turn of the millennium, Washington, D.C. was a culinary wasteland. For fine dining, the city had steak houses and hotels. For casual dining, D.C. offered chain restaurants and cheap ethnic dives. But over the past decade, thanks to an influx of young professionals moving into the city, the restaurant scene has exploded. The wine […]