Megan Krigbaum

Contributing Editor

Megan Krigbaum is a New York City-based wine and spirits writer and editor. For the past 10 years she has been a wine editor at Food & Wine magazine, navigating the masthead from editorial assistant to deputy wine editor. There, she wrote a monthly wine column called "Bottle Service," in addition to regular feature stories pertaining to wine, spirits and beer. She lives in Brooklyn with her husband Michael and their cat Mason.

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Why the Horseshoe Bar Has Stood the Test of Time

The horseshoe bar, with its distinct wrap-around shape, has been a mainstay around the world for more than a century. Megan Krigbaum on the origins of the design, and how it’s being updated for bars today.

A Wine with the Rhythm of Beaujolais and the Soul of Burgundy

What if Beaujolais and red Burgundy had a love child? Meet Passetoutgrain.

How Do Restaurants Price Old Wines?

Why are older wines priced the way they are? Megan Krigbaum talks to sommeliers helming the nation’s top vintage lists and discovers that the process is far more complicated than a simple mark-up.

Meet the Who’s Who of Wine Cool

Among America’s most progressive wine lists, which producers act as universal touchstones? Megan Krigbaum surveys dozens to come up with a shortlist of the who’s who of wine cool.

About Those Tom and Jerry Bowls

Though the Tom and Jerry’s popularity has waned, its namesake bowl and cups have given birth to an avid collector’s market. Megan Krigbaum on the cult of Tom and Jerry drinkware, past and present.

How the Leave-a-Drink Tradition Came to Be

The leave-a-drink tradition is spreading to bars across the country. Here, Megan Krigbaum tracks the evolution of the practice, from scrawled notes to bar blackboards to a host of new apps all meant to pay it forward.

Meet This Austrian Winery’s “Family of Wines”

One small producer in Austria is building a family tree out of its wines, assigning each a name, a portrait and a lineage—and striving to change how we think about a wine’s identity in the process. Megan Krigbaum on the Gut Oggau family of wines.

A Guide to the World’s Funkiest Ciders

Funky, tannic and acidic, traditional Spanish cider has seen a slow but notable evolution at home and here in the U.S., where a growing crop of American producers are making cider in the Spanish style. Megan Krigbaum on the history and culture of these ciders, plus six bottles to look for.

Where Did the Tiny Beer Come From?

Known as the “pony,” the seven-ounce bottle usually filled with commercial-grade beer has been appearing lately at bars both high and low. Megan Krigbaum on the origins—and wide-reaching, enduring appeal—of the tiny beer.

How Do You Make a Wine That Costs $3.50?

How does a $3.50 bottle of wine go from grape to store for so little? Megan Krigbaum investigates what actually goes into making such an inexpensive wine, and at what costs.