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All That Sparkles: Five Spritzer Cocktails

They may be a bit frilly and perhaps carry a whiff of your great-aunt’s 4 p.m. gossip hour, but the spritz is not to be belittled. Here are five to take seriously.

Dark ‘n’ Stormy & Friends: Five Spring Buck Drinks

From the Dark ‘n’ Stormy to a spicy riff on the Whiskey Smash, these five gingery cocktails are the stuff balmy evenings are made of.

Six Riffs on the Mint Julep

With its silver tin and lavish garnishes, the julep may appear fussy and florid, but when made correctly—in all its fanciful variations—it’s an all-American drink at heart. Here are a handful of julep riffs for your Derby Day pleasure.

Extreme Wine Techniques: Urban Porroning

Four lady somms. Two porrons. One city. Jordan Salcito, Ashley Santoro, Pascaline Lepeltier and Michelle Biscieglia take a Spanish wine tradition to the streets of New York. Do not try this at home.

Meet the Fizzes

The ideal end to a long day of manual (or mental) labor, or a morning Rx after a night of tying on one too many, the fizz family of frothy drinks are meant to be slurped. Meet five of the classics. (Slideshow ahead →)

The Spice Whisperer Answers Your “Drunk Abby” Questions

Spice Whisperer Lior Lev Sercarz answers your deepest, darkest booze queries, including how to use a “sh*tload” of bay leaves in cocktails and what pepper pairs best with a Negroni.

Riff Diaries: The Wild & Tangy World of Grenadine

Forget the Red Dye No. 4 that defined your childhood drinking days and say hello to the real grenadine.

Drunk Abby: Cocktail Advice from the Spice Whisperer

Introducing “Drunk Abby,” an advice column that will explore all of your drinking queries via the boozy wisdom of an expert.

Watch an Artist Paint Jay Z & Ernest Hemingway with Wine

Artist Amelia Fais Harnas imagined the most interesting people she might invite to a dinner party, and then painted them—with Côtes du Rhone.

Bitter Is the New Black

These drinks prove that bitter really is better.