Sarah Baird

Sarah Baird is a writer and culinary anthropologist whose food and drink writing has appeared in Southern Living, Serious Eats, CNN’s Eatocracy and beyond. Her first book, Kentucky Sweets: Bourbon Balls, Spoonbread, and Mile High Pie was recently published.

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Long Live the New Orleans Set-Up

The “set-up”—a half-pint of liquor, one mixer, share cups and ice—is more than a staple order at many locals-only NOLA bars: It’s a community ritual. Sarah Baird on what we risk losing as those bars, and the ritual itself, fade away.

Mastering the Martini with Takao Mori

In “Masters of X,” we spotlight bartenders chasing perfection in one drink. Here, owner Takao Mori of Tokyo’s iconic Mori Bar makes his famous Mori Martini.

A Night at Tokyo’s Surreal “Little Texas” Honky-Tonk

In Japan, a small smattering of honky-tonks serve as the antithesis of traditionally quiet Japanese culture. This is what a night at Tokyo’s beloved Little Texas looks like.

Modern Alchemy at Tokyo’s Most Radical Bar

At Tokyo’s Ben Fiddich, Hiroyasu Kayama uses homegrown plants and a mortar and pestle to reconstruct classic liqueurs and spirits—including “Campari,” absinthe and amaro—often to order. Here, a look inside the city’s most groundbreaking bar.

This Is What a Night at Pat O’Briens Looks Like

Though it’s widely considered to be the grandaddy of New Orleans tourist traps, the original Pat O’Briens possesses the kind of kitschy charm that’s made it an indelible part of the city’s landscape. Sarah Baird and Lizzie Munro on what a night at Pat O’s looks like, from dueling pianos to Hurricanes.

Inside One of NOLA’s Greatest Hidden Jazz Bars

Bullet’s Sports Bar is a no-fuss neighborhood bar that also happens to feature some of the best jazz acts in New Orleans. Sarah Baird on the 7th Ward’s hidden live-music gem.

How the Beertini Became a Midwestern Staple

The Beertini—a simple combination of crappy beer and green olives, often with a hit of brine—is a staple in bars across the Midwest. Sarah Baird on the ubiquity on this odd-ball beer cocktail and its variations.

Meet Mezcal’s Traditional Sidekicks

Throughout Mexico, mezcal is frequently served alongside specific bar snacks, from agua de Jamaica to the ubiquitous sal de gusano. Sarah Baird offers a quick guide to mezcal’s traditional accompaniments and how to make (or buy) them.

The Party Side of Historic Preservation

This month, legendary juke joints and old Poe haunts go head-to-head in an NCAA-style competition put on by the National Trust for Historic Preservation. Sarah Baird talks with NTHP’s editor about The Big Tap Tournament and the significance of saving these storied watering holes.

The Forgotten History and Revival of Mexico’s Great Border Spirit

With the likes of mezcal and raicilla booming in popularity across the U.S., Mexico’s lesser-known—and harder to find—spirit, sotol, is also gaining traction. Sarah Baird on the rich history of northern Mexican “moonshine” both north and south of the border and where to find it now.