Sarah Baird

Sarah Baird is a writer and culinary anthropologist whose food and drink writing has appeared in Southern Living, Serious Eats, CNN’s Eatocracy and beyond. Her first book, Kentucky Sweets: Bourbon Balls, Spoonbread, and Mile High Pie was recently published.

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Drinking Through Disney World

On a quest to understand the adult allure of Disney World, Sarah Baird takes the underground “drinking around the world” challenge—11 drinks in Epcot’s 11 different “countries”—and lives to tell the tale.

Inside Nashville’s Dueling Karaoke Scenes

In a city that is changing rapidly, a vibrant karaoke scene—both glitzy and gritty, complete with Ed Hardy ensembles, scrunchie-wearing divas and Bud tallboys—is helping keep Nashville’s music culture alive.

Hot Damn! Drinking and Dancing in the Heart of Cajun Country

Sarah Baird visits the “Cajun Music Capital of the World” and discovers Fred’s Lounge, a place full of shot-taking octogenarians, beer guzzling, two-stepping and an inclusive spirit that has taught more than three generations what it means to be Cajun.

Rolling with the Wine Krewe at Mardi Gras

In the weeks leading up to Mardi Gras New Orleans descends into a kind of government-sanctioned madness. But it’s not all Girls Gone Wild. Sarah Baird joins the Krewe of Cork to give us a window into the topsy-turvy revelry that leads up to Fat Tuesday.

Diary of a 24-Hour Dive Bar

What does a 24-hour bar look like at 7 a.m.? Sarah Baird pulls up a round-the-clock barstool at NOLA’s Brothers III to experience the full lifecycle of nightlife’s greatest cultural intersection—the dive bar.