Talia Ralph

Talia Ralph is a journalist and emotional eater from Montreal, Canada. Her writing has appeared in the Boston Globe, Lucky Peach, Gothamist, and several Edible magazines, among others. She has a long and complicated relationship with red sauce.

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Inside the NYC Bar Serving Canadian Immigration Forms

Every Monday night, chef Amanda Cohen’s Dirt Candy pop-up, The Great Canadian Beer Hall, serves whisky, beer and poutine.

Where Have All the Bar Eggs Gone?

We once tossed back eggs and booze in one sitting with fervor and delight. Talia Ralph on how the rise and fall of the bar egg.

Poutine: Quebec’s Gravy-Laden Gift to the Drunk

After a night of partying, nothing soothes the soul like the French-Canadian delicacy of french fries, cheese curds and gravy. In the latest “Eating in Bars,” Talia Ralph explains why poutine is so right when you’re out of your right mind.