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Katie Parla’s 5 Essential Places to Drink in Rome

Katie Parla is the author of the blog Parla Food, the ebook “Eating & Drinking in Rome” (available for Kindle and in PDF format), the mobile apps “Katie Parla’s Rome” and “Katie Parla’s Istanbul”, and the book National Geographic’s Walking Rome, as well as the  forthcoming book, Tasting Rome (Clarkson Potter, 2016). In other words, she knows […]

The Best Places to Drink Wine in Singapore

As a historic intersection for a number of Eastern cultures, Singapore has long been home to a diverse food scene. Until more recently, however, the city hasn’t been much of a wine destination. But that’s changing. Between locals opening new concepts and an influx of restaurants—and wine talent—from internationally acclaimed restaurateurs popping up all over the city-state, Sin […]

The Best Places to Drink Wine in Melbourne

Australians love wine, and as the homegrown industry has matured, drinkers have become more educated about what the country has to offer—and it’s not all savvy-b on ice and tooth-staining shiraz. From a tour of Australia’s young punks of natural winemaking at Cumulus Up and Ombra to a deep dive into the classic regions of Italy at […]

The Best Pubs in Melbourne

Considering the country’s British roots, the pub is as integral to Australian culture as surfing and a proper sunburn. But unfortunately, most local pubs have morphed into grotesque sports bar-club hybrids or dens of sad compulsion filled with automatic poker machines. Thankfully, however, inner Melbourne remains a last bastion of first-rate pubs, from old-school, honest spots […]

The Best Rooftop Bars in Melbourne

The saying goes that Melbourne experiences four seasons in one day. Most people leave the house packing an umbrella and sunglasses and will probably use both, maybe even at the same time. But we’ve embraced the schizophrenia of our climate and figure we may as well enjoy the show with a drink. Here are a few […]

The Best Hidden Bars in Melbourne

Every street in the grid of Melbourne’s Central Business District (CBD) is connected by quaint cobblestone lanes, designed to allow rear access to businesses. In these dark, graffiti-covered alleyways, bars are hidden from plain sight. Not so much deliberate speakeasies as they are products of Melbourne’s odd architectural infrastructure, many of the bars that are […]

The Best Craft Beer Bars in Melbourne

Melbourne is now home to more craft breweries than tram stops, and a crop of excellent bars have grown up to support the ever-growing scene. Below is a list of the best places—from a makeshift brewery bar to a brewpub built into a former 19th-century boarding house—to not only find some of the finest Australian […]

The Best Craft Cocktail Bars in Melbourne

Melbourne’s cocktail scene has come a long way since we invented the Japanese Slipper (you’re welcome). And while we still do a mean Espresso Martini, world-class bars like The Everleigh and Bar Americano have elevated the classic cocktail to an art form. Alongside these copper-clad dens of historical booze fantasy, bars like Joe Taylor and […]

The Best Cocktail Bars in Seattle

Seattle’s cocktail scene has always marched to the beat of its own drum. Though speakeasy culture leaked in for a moment, the city’s drinks scene has otherwise remained blissfully ignorant of passing fashion, taking its time to adopt everything from tiki to barrel-aged drinks in its own time and in its own way. From Jamie Boudreau’s […]

BTP’s Five Essential Seattle Bars

I called Seattle home for over a decade and whenever I return it’s hard not to think about moving back. With steady access to some of the best bars and bartenders in the country, it’s where I cut my teeth as a cocktail enthusiast, and where I began writing about drinks. I’m limited here to […]