Tyler Wetherall

Tyler Wetherall is a freelance drinks and travel writer whose work has appeared in The Guardian, the Irish Independent, Vice , and the Spirits Business amongst others. She is also the international editor of bar guide and app BarChick. When she's not professionally drinking, she's writing fiction, though sometimes the two do go together quite nicely.

Articles by Tyler

Behind the Menu at Norway’s Most Experimental Cocktail Bar

Oslo’s leading bar, HIMKOK, is garnering international attention for melding Norwegian tradition with modern technique.

The Next Generation of Closed-Loop Cocktails

Pioneers within the bar world are considering food waste, energy conservation and sustainability to make eco-friendly, “closed-loop” cocktails.

Can a Menu Map the Experience of a Cocktail?

A handful of bars are turning the concept of the written menu on its head, relying instead on illustrations to narrative prose to explain the experience of a cocktail. Tyler Wetherall on the new wave of alternative menus.

London’s White Lyan Is Making “Wine” Without a Grapevine in Sight

Pushing their studies in fermentation a step further, London’s award-winning bar, White Lyan, has created a line of remarkably convincing “wines” through a combination of unorthodox ingredients and techniques. Tyler Wetherall on the latest project from the bar world’s mad scientists.

Inside London’s Growing Crop of Experimental Cocktail Bars

From vaporized Gin & Tonics to a punch bowl big enough to raft across to drinks served in everything from take-out boxes to rain boots, London’s bar scene has taken a turn for the experimental. Tyler Wetherall on what’s fueling the boom.

The British Are Coming: Will London’s Craft Gins Sell Stateside?

A new wave of British gins is calling on history to break onto American shelves. In an overcrowded market, is Anglophilia enough? Tyler Wetherall on the latest British Invasion.

London’s New Bathroom Bars

A former public restroom might not seem like the ideal space to open a bar, but London’s nightlife creatives are looking beyond the urinals to uncover the potential of these derelict spaces. Tyler Wetherall on the city’s new bathroom bars.

Creating the Closed-Loop Cocktail

If bars, like nose-to-tail restaurants, made the most of their “off-cuts,” would we be one step closer to a more sustainable drinking culture? Tyler Wetherall on the efforts some bartenders are making to close the cocktail loop.