Zachary Sussman

Zachary Sussman is a Brooklyn-based wine writer whose work has appeared in Saveur, Wine & Spirits, Bon Appétit and The Wall Street Journal Magazine, among many others. He received the award for 2016 Emerging Wine Writer of the Year from the Louis Roederer International Wine Writers' Awards.

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Beer Culture’s Second Wave

The craft beer movement has brought with it a new breed of beer bars that eschew the “more is more” tap line approach for elevated surroundings and tightly curated menus. Zachary Sussman on how this trend has manifested in New York, and what it signals for beer culture at large.

An Uncertain Future for the World’s Most Iconic Sweet Wines

As global wine tastes continue to shift towards brighter and drier, what is to become of the storied regions defined throughout history by sweeter, heavier wines? Zachary Sussman explores how the makers of port, Sauternes and Tokaji are adapting to a new wine world.

Reconsidering the Influence of the Wine Store

In recent years, sommeliers have acquired a patina of celebrity and prestige, lauded for affecting trends and looked to as the end-all in wine expertise. But wine retailers have been undergoing their own revolution. Zachary Sussman on the changing influence of the wine store, and why it continues to be overlooked.

Into the Heart of Wine’s Lost Region

The ancient wine region of Colares is fast succumbing to development and decay, even as the world has started to rediscover it. Zachary Sussman on what the slow extinction of some of the world’s most compelling wines can teach us about how little we know.

What Does a Ralph Lauren Wine List Look Like?

A wine list inherently communicates a set of values, especially if that list is meant to reflect the identity of an international fashion brand. In the latest, “The List,” Zachary Sussman contemplates New York’s The Polo Bar, and the business of building an “on brand” wine list.

A New Extreme for Underwater Wine Aging

The discovery of the ocean as an ideal cellar has yielded a rash of new underwater-aged wines—but many of them are no different from their land-aged brethren. Zachary Sussman on one very notable exception: Julie Benau’s Libéro, a picpoul aged for six months in barrels submerged in an oyster bed.

The Epic Wine List Is Not Dead

Welcome to “The List,” a column exploring the country’s most notable wine lists. This week, New York columnist Zachary Sussman visits Rebelle, Patrick Cappiello’s new Bowery wine destination with an epic 81-page wine list.

What Is “Pét-Nat,” Really?

The lightly bubbly, often cloudy style of sparkling wine called pétillant-naturel—aka “pét-nat”—seemed to come out of nowhere to stake its claim as the wine trend of the moment. But what exactly is it? Zachary Sussman on the history of the trend and how it’s taken hold far beyond its roots in the Loire Valley.

New York’s Best New Wine Bar Lives in Brooklyn

Welcome to “The List,” a column exploring the country’s most notable wine lists. This week, New York columnist Zachary Sussman visits June, a new Brooklyn wine bar that offers a glimpse into how natural wine has gone from fringe movement to global phenomenon.

Nicolas Joly and the Loire’s Wine Culture War

In the Loire Valley—the hotbed of the natural wine movement—a growing number of producers are at odds with the region’s regulatory body. Zachary Sussman on the significance of iconic winemaker Nicolas Joly’s recent split from Interloire, and what it signals for the region.