The PUNCH Guide to Berlin

Berlin has not only started to fashion itself into the cosmopolitan capital it was always meant to be, but it has also reestablished its international reputation as the place to go for a good time. And if the city is fated to one day become a more ordinary center of commerce and politics, it has thus far managed to retain the laid-back, licentious demeanor that has long attracted casual pleasure-seekers and permanent transplants.


The PUNCH Guide to Boston

Boston is a city of contradictions. Home to more higher learning than any other American city, Boston is a college town, but it’s perhaps equally known for its blue-collar culture. And what’s the one thing that students and townies have in common?

brooklyn city guides illustration

The PUNCH Guide to Brooklyn

In nearly every neighborhood there is at least one bastion of new-era Brooklyn shaking cocktails with housemade syrups, popping corks on small-production wines and slinging pints from local breweries.

charleston city guide illustration emily wallace

The PUNCH Guide to Charleston

Charleston is a city steeped in its own history dating back to the 18th century. And though distinctively Southern in its respect for tradition, Charleston's drinks now flirt with the progressive. America, take note.


The PUNCH Guide to Chicago

Chicago’s history with booze is as rocky as the ice in a well-made Old-Fashioned. During Prohibition Chicago ...


The PUNCH Guide to Hong Kong

The east-meets-west cliché rings remarkably true in Hong Kong. A city that has, for a century, welcomed sailors and tycoons alike, Hong Kong has an odd sophistication combined with a high tolerance for bad behavior. Here you’ll find everything from tiny Japanese cocktail joints to rowdy dance clibs to elegant rooftop bars, all packed into one quixotic, pocket square of a city.

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The PUNCH Guide to Houston

Only a scant five years ago, Houston could credit itself with only one truly serious cocktail bar. But since its opening, the city has managed to squeeze in a decade’s worth of evolution, its tipsy pendulum tracing an arc from studious expertise to kitsch revival. The result is a varied explosion of good places to drink.

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The PUNCH Guide to London

In 1731, when James Ashley opened the “London Coffee House and Punch House” on Ludgate Hill near St Paul’s Cathedral, his pioneering spirit and love for rum, brandy and arrack-based punches launched him as the world’s first celebrity bartender.

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The PUNCH Guide to Los Angeles

LA has always been inextricably linked to the film industry, to images of the Hollywood sign hovering over traffic, to characters from Baywatch and Beverly Hills: 90210. But Angelenos know full well that there’s a lot more to this city than movies and coast.

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The PUNCH Guide to Manhattan

It's highly plausible (in fact, it's indisputable) that other cities are, say, cleaner, have more bike lanes or better schools or lower poverty rates or an overall superior quality of life. But when it comes to one very important element of urban culture—drinking, of course—there is no denying that New York City is, indeed, the center of the universe.