Gin Sherry Cocktail Recipe

Girl From Cadiz

Created in 2007 for the Vinos de Jerez Cocktail Competition, this gin- and sherry-based cooler is one of Ryan ...
Clacson Spritz Cocktail Recipe

Clacson Spritz

A signature aperitif-inspired, low-proof drink from Eric Alperin and Richard Boccato.
Scorpion Kick

Scorpion Kick

A refreshing and modern interpretation of the Daiquiri from the Attaboy team.

Breakfast Martini

One of the most famous examples of jam as an ingredient in a cocktail.


The Juniperotivo is a straightforward mixture of gin, lime and muddled mint, with the unexpected addition of ...

Fiore di Francia

A dinner-friendly cocktail with St-Germain and Cynar, from Boston's Ezra Star.
Mission Chinese Mood Ring Cocktail

Mood Ring

This drink sees blue tea topped with an acidic mixture—in this case, a tropical blend of pineapple, lime, rum and ...
esquire tavern snaquiri

Hey Baby, Que Paso?

Amaro Sfumato, a rhubarb-based amaro, adds bitter interest and an enticing hint of smoke to this Daiquiri rendition.
Thanksgiving Holiday Punch Cocktail Recipe

Poor Richard

Paul Calvert and Greg Best's low-proof fall punch features dry cider and cranberry cordial alongside Italian ...
Thanksgiving Holiday Punch Cocktail Recipe

Slow Down Shirley

Jim Kearns taps into quintessential East Coast fall flavors in his Slow Down Shirley: cranberry liqueur, lemon and ...