Sazerac Cocktail Recipe

Ryan Maybee’s Sazerac

Ryan Maybee of Kansas City's Manifesto offers his Sazerac formula.
Bobby Heugel's Rusty Nail

Tongue-Cut Sparrow’s Rusty Nail

A three-Scotch rendition on the classic Rusty Nail from Bobby Heugel's Tongue-Cut Sparrow.
Apple Cider Vinegar Hot Toddy Recipe

Improved Hot Toddy

Bragg Apple Cider Vinegar—the answer to all that ails—serves as a replacement for lemon.

Earl Grey MarTEAni

Audrey Saunders’ reknowned non-Martini MarTEAni helped pave the way for the gin Martini's return.

Joaquín Simó’s Manhattan

In our tasting of 17 Manhattans from America's top bartenders, Simó's rye and bourbon recipe came in second.
Best Manhattan Cocktail Recipe

Jeremy Oertel’s Manhattan

Jeremy Oertel's take on the Manhattan was the top vote-getter at our tasting of 17 Manhattan recipes.
cailtan laman manhattan

Caitlin Laman’s Manhattan

Caitlin Laman's bourbon Manhattan came in third in our tasting of 17 different Manhattans from America's top bartenders.
Turn Down Service

Turn Down Service

With just a touch of St-Germain alongside Scotch and tawny port, this spirit-forward drink is the final indulgence of ...
Negroni Cocktail Recipe

Dante’s Negroni

For his version of the classic Negroni, bartender Naren Young loses the equal parts ratio in favor of a more ...
oaxaca old fashioned

Oaxaca Old Fashioned

This is the drink that opened the American mixology world’s eyes to the potential of using tequila and mezcal in ...