People Are Mad At Beyoncé For Wasting Expensive Champagne


The video for Beyoncé and Nicki Minaj’s song “Feeling Myself” premiered yesterday to some interesting reactions. Beyond just watching Bey and Nicki perform the song out in the deserts of Coachella, many fans noticed one frame of the video where Beyoncé pours a bottle of champagne out into a hot tub. As reported by Mirror [Mirror ]

Breaking Bad-Themed Bar to Open in London

chemistry glasses

The same people who brought the world that owl-themed pop-up bar back in February are at it again—only this time it’s a pop-up bar based on the hit show Breaking Bad. The show, which follows a chemistry teacher with terminal cancer who decides to start making meth to support his family, has amassed a [London Evening Standard ]

Session IPAs Continue to Boom in Popularity


Lower-alcohol IPAs are growing in popularity, reports USA Today. This has lead to major craft brewers offering session Indian Pale Ales filled with that much craved hop aroma and flavor. The definition of a session beer, according to Lew Bryson—the author behind The Session Beer Project—is that the beer must have a “4.5 percent [USA Today]

Maison Fromont CEO Jailed Over Fake Chablis

Vineyard grapes

Jean-Claude Fromont, CEO of Maison Fromont, has been arrested and accused of what could be a decade-long wine scam involving inferior wine being marketed and sold as “Chablis.” According to Wine Searcher,  the head of the French wine company has now been jailed for blending inferior wines from the south with Chablis while continuing [Wine Searcher]

New “Craft Wine” Made Using Hops


The folks over at Allan Scott Family Winemakers in New Zealand have created a new “craft wine” made using hops. Josh Scott, winemaking director at the winery has worked to create a new beverage that combines a blend of the usual Sauvignon Blanc grapes and green sauvin hops, says The wine titled “Green []

The Future Is Now: The Keurig for Cocktails

Golden Dawn Cocktail

These days not only can you find drink-making robots that compete against one another, you can find drink-making robots that will sit in your kitchen and create craft cocktails in only five seconds. According to Tech Times, Somabar is the latest cocktail gadget making a splash, which many are calling the “Keurig for cocktails.” [Tech Times]

Scotch Whiskey Market Now Flooded with Imitations

scotch thumb

In an attempt to pile on to Scotch’s popularity and prestige, more and more brands across the globe are attempting to market their liquor as a “Scotch,” reports the BBC. Although a whiskey can only be labeled as a “Scotch” if it is produced in Scotland, imitators have creative ways of getting around the protection [BBC]

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Tequila Avión Launches the World’s Most Expensive Tasting Flight

tequila avion

In yet another sign of the troubling luxurification of tequila, Tequila Avión will now be offering the most extravagant tequila tasting flight yet, reports the Daily Mail. For a hefty sum of $500,000, ten guests can try the brand’s products while flying over Mexico in a Gulfstream private jet. In addition to the flight, guests will also [Daily Mail]

In California It’s Now Legal to Drink in Salons


Salons and barber shops in the state of California may soon be able to legally serve patrons alcohol alongside their usual beauty treatments. According to the the Los Angeles Times, a bill was unanimously passed in the Assembly on Thursday, allowing salons to provide beer and wine to customers free of charge. While many [LA Times]

Are People Abusing Apps That Calculate Blood Alcohol Level?


A law firm in Sacramento, CA, recently released a drinking and driving app called “BuzzBee” that is now raising eyebrows. According to Fox40 News, the app attempts to calculate the blood alcohol content of those who have been drinking by factoring together sex, weight and the number of drinks consumed over what amount of [Fox40 News]

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Canadian Whisky

(n.) Legally, Canadian whisky must be distilled from fermented grains, aged for three years in wood casks and bottled at 80 proof or higher. The fermented grain mash—usually made of corn—is often distilled at alcohol levels much higher than bourbon, which means flavor from the grains is largely neutralized. Producers are allowed to mix in […]

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