Robert De Niro Launches a Vodka from New Zealand

Robert De Niro postcard

Robert De Niro spoke to about his new vodka, VDKA6100, and his personal mantras on taste and drinking. The vodka, “Designed in New York… A Touch of Italy…Sculpted in France…Distilled in New Zealand… Originated in Australia” is described by De Niro as “elegant” and “refined.” To add to the list of idiosyncratic origins, the vodka [Style]

Distillers Are Taking Inspiration from IPA Brewers


The intersection of booze and beer is growing beyond the boilermaker. According to ABC News, small batch distilleries are taking a hint from their craft beer counterparts and infusing your favorite IPA’s signature ingredient—hops—into the hard stuff. Contrary to the marketshare-gaining philosophy of other flavored alcohols—like marshmallow vodka or cherry bourbon—these emerging hops-steeped spirits have little to [ABC News]

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The Guy Who Landed a Drone at the White House Was Drinking


This past Monday morning, an off-duty government official crashed his drone on White House grounds. CNN reports that the Secret Service has confirmed the official had been drinking prior to the incident. After realizing that the crash-landed quadcopter drone was his, the culprit—an employee of the National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency—immediately contacted superiors in his own department as well as the [CNN]

Brooklyn Man Trains Pet Rabbit To Serve Him Beer


According to Time, one New York man has figured out how to put his girlfriend’s adorable pet rabbit to use. The Brooklyn native—who goes by the YouTube username “Wallace TheMadKing”—has trained the bunny to push a makeshift beer cart to his desk whenever he needs a refill. “I have been collaborating for the past year with [Time]

Millennials Are Less Likely To Buy Wine Online

man with red wine

Millennials, despite being more technologically savvy, are not purchasing their wine online. The Tribune San Luis Obispo reports that online purchasers are actually more likely to be, “older, married men with incomes higher than other wine drinkers,” who are also “more likely to buy wine at higher prices and be more knowledgeable about wine.” Millennials, meanwhile, [The Tribune San Luis Obispo]

Half of Drynuary Participants Quit Within Two Weeks

happy hour

Each January, many resolve to better themselves and for some, that means abstaining from alcohol. The Independent reports that 12 percent of UK adults pledged to participate in Dry January, a pledge of abstinence sponsored by Alcohol Concern of Public Health England. Yet 52 percent of those participants fell off the wagon within two weeks, according to a [The Independent ]

Big Brand Beer Really Is Watered Down


Finally, those jabs at your Bud Light-favoring friends now have real scientific backing. According to a new report by the U.S. Department of Agriculture, on average craft breweries use four times as much malted barley as their corporate counterparts. Barley, which is malted before being added to the brewers mixture in order to free up sugars for [Mother Jones]

Remember Tupperware Parties? They Now Exist for Wine.


Tupperware. Cosmetics. Nutrition supplements. Products like these have been peddled over dinner parties for decades, but the latest in the direct seller’s market is, aptly, wine. Modifying the typical direct selling model to abide by alcohol retail laws, wine “consultants” or “ambassadors,” working with companies like WineShop at Home and Traveling Vineyard, are on the [BBC]

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The Newest Belgian Beer Is Brewed Just for Dogs


If you’ve ever wanted to share a beer with man’s best friend (and you live in the UK), then it’s your lucky day. Pup-centric beer brand Snuffle will soon be hitting shelves at pet stores across the UK. Alcohol-free and available in two distinct flavors (beef and chicken, of course), the new beverage claims to be [The Telegraph]

Singapore May Crack Down on Drinking in Public


In response to complaints of public drunkenness in 2012, The Straits Times reports that the Parliament of Singapore has proposed new, comparatively stringent legislation on the consumption and sale of liquor. The new measures would forbid drinking in public places (parks, recreational areas, camping grounds, streets, etc.) from 10:30 p.m. – 7 a.m. as [The Straits Times ]

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Well Drink

(n.) A cocktail made from house liquor, which is usually a cheaper and less prestigious label; the opposite of a call drink (an order in which the brand of alcohol is specified). The term takes its name from the bartender’s station behind the bar, sometimes called the well, which holds the ingredients most frequently used […]

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