3-D Ice Cubes Have Hit Planet Earth


It was only a matter of time before the big, beautiful block ice in your cocktails turned to spacemen figurines and the exact replicas of Japanese pagodas. And now that time has come. Behold (via Buzzfeed) the most magnificent 3-D ice cubes you’ll probably never come close to, brought to you by Japanese spirits [Buzzfeed]

Jim Meehan on ’70s Drinks & the Rise of Cocktail Cool

jim meehan daniel krieger

One of New York’s most iconic and influential bartenders and owners, Jim Meehan of PDT, is also one of the cocktail world’s straightest shooters when it comes to discussing the business of the bar. In a conversation with the Village Voice, Meehan talks about the importance of remaining trendy (“Once you’re not new anymore, [Village Voice]

Australian Politician Resigns Over $2,800 Bottle of Wine

New South Wales Premier, Barry O’Farrell, is stepping down after failing to name a wine gift worth $2800 in the public register according to ABC News. O’Farrell received “a bottle of 1959 Penfolds Grange Hermitage as a gift from businessman Nick Di Girolamo congratulating him weeks after his 2011 election win.” While the politician [ABC News]

Pantless Woman Steals Boxed Wine in Florida

Floridians are embracing the arrival of spring with public disturbances of the half-naked variety. The New York Daily News reports that a 35-year-old woman wearing only a T-shirt and pool sandals walked into a grocery store in Ocala and stole two boxes of wine worth $42. It is the woman’s second arrest since March. This [Daily News]

Bitters Unite: Campari Buys Averna


Italian spirits company Gruppo Campari announced its move to buy Sicilian bitters company Fratelli Averna for $143 million today according to Reuters. It is the first in a series of acquisitions toward which Campari has allotted $346 million in 2014. The sixth largest spirits company in the world, Campari is posed to dominate in [Reuters]

Why House of Cards Characters Love California Cabernet


Product placement is common practice in the television and film industry, but very rarely does wine enter the spotlight conversation. PlayStation and Apple products feature prominently in Netflix series House of Cards, but so does Chimney Rock’s cabernet sauvignon as Grape Collective discusses. The wine, from Napa’s Stags Leap district, sells for around $75 and has [Grape Collective]

Kate Middleton Drinks NZ Riesling, Dispels Pregnancy Rumors

scuplture of royal couple

Rumors have been swirling about whether or not Kate Middleton is in the midst of pregnancy number two. But according to E! Online, the Duchess squashed those rumors after a vineyard visit while traveling through New Zealand. On her trip to Amisfield vineyard the Duchess tasted a little pinot gris and a Riesling and almost took a [E! Online]

Smirnoff Pokes Fun at Artisanal Vodka in Latest Campaign

Smirnoff, the best-selling vodka in America, is mocking its faster growing small-batch vodka competition. Time reports on the brand’s “cut the red velvet” campaign, which attempts to, “win over the pretentious trendy cocktail market one moment, and mock the trend the next.” Like huge beer companies threatened by the craft beer scene, Smirnoff is [Time]

$4000 Whisky Doesn’t Pass Blind Taste Test


Whiskey sales have been on the rise, not only in number, but in price, since 2010. The Wall Street Journal reports on investment-grade whiskeys whose prices have risen 175% over the past four years. The Last Drop Whiskey 50, the latest in high-end releases, has just hit the market for $3,995 a bottle. Made of a [The Wall Street Journal]

What Makes Beer Smell Like Barnyard?


What is that special something that makes some wines, beers and cheeses smell like—for lack a better term—crap? It’s the Brettanomyces, a wild yeast strain that was first identified in beer according to Modern Farmer, and “was considered a spoiler of British Ales.” Today though, some brewers are harnessing “Brett,” as it’s referred to [Modern Farmer]

The Punch A-Z


(n.) This alcoholic beverage made from honey rivals beer for the distinction of oldest alcoholic beverage, with archeological evidence showing production in India, China and Europe all well over two-thousand years ago. Made from fermenting a water-honey solution, mead is often called a “wine,” because the process is similar. Traditionally, a honey-water mix was left […]

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