Inventors of New Beer Gadget Forget that Craft Beer Already Exists

Dried Hops

The draft beer and the espresso machine have joined forces in an invention named the Hoppier, reports The Drinks Business. In hopes to profit on product personalization, Edward Brunner (head of food and beverage at product development company Cambridge Consultants), devised a draft system that directs beer through a stainless steel basket of dried hops [The Drinks Business]

Yellow Tail Owner Arrested in Australia

Yellow Tail wine bottle

This week, an Australian detective squad uncovered $15 million worth of drugs and made 14 arrests, among them the director of Casella Wines, aka Yellow Tail according to The Sydney Morning Herald. Strike Force Oceanic found two pallets of shotgun cartridges and 60kg of gunpowder on Marcello Casella’s property at the time of the raid. In court [The Sydney Morning Herald]

Why Don’t Booze Labels List Nutrition Facts?


Ever wonder why, unlike everything else in your pantry, alcoholic drinks don’t have labels touting calories, carbs and other nutritional information? According to Vox, there’s been a long history of heated debate between booze manufacturers, advocacy groups and governing bodies regarding just that. Unlike most things we eat and drink, alcohol is under the [Vox]

Forget Pumpkin Spice, Nutmeg Is Timeless


Pumpkin spice may be sprinkled into everything you hold dear these days, but nutmeg, with its subtle flavor and rich history in cocktails should really be the star of the show, writes M. Carrie Allen of the Washington Post. Coupling particularly well with brandy, rum and tiki cocktails, nutmeg has an indescribable quality that can [The Washington Post]

Scientists Try To Make Non-Alcoholic Beer Taste Better


Let’s face it, non-alcoholic beer will never be beer. And for teetotalers, that’s a bummer. Scientists at Spain’s University of Valladolid though, may have come up with a way to bridge the gap, according to Modern Farmer. First, a bit of backstory. To craft non-alcoholic beer, the alcohol from full ABV-content beer must be removed, generally by [Modern Farmer]

A Moonshine Black Market Grows in Russia

vintage Smirnoff ad

In Russia, the average consumption of vodka has climbed to 15 liters per person per year (which works out to be approximately a 1 1/2 ounce shot for every Russian every day) according to The Moscow Times. The consequences are crippling Russia’s social and economic efforts. A previous article from The Moscow Times addressed vodka’s edge over the [The Moscow Times]

Watch a Runner Break the Women’s Beer Mile Record

Track Mile

The record for the women’s Beer Mile was broken—nay, shattered—by Chris Kimbrough (you may have seen her qualifying for the women’s Olympic marathon in 2008) recently.  NPR‘s “Morning Edition” reports that Kimbrough, who is turning 45 next week, completed the mile and the requisite four beers in 6:28.6 beating out former record holder Seanna Robison [NPR]

Champagne’s Wine Growers Protest French Taxes

Police Agricole Protest

Monday November the 5th saw its share of protests, most notably in London where hordes of Guy Fawkes and one Russel Brand were seen protesting in front of Parliament. In France, the stark white masks were replaced by green hats as the country’s farmers gathered to protest against the restrictions and taxes imposed by [Wine-Searcher]

When the Chinese Limit Luxury, Bordeaux Suffers


While China’s wine consumption has gone up over the past decade, cultivating nearly 14 million drinkers, Bordeaux has profited from the country’s attention and its wallets. In Margaux, one Chinese energy company even bought an estate last year in order to provide direct access to the Chinese market—part of a growing trend among Chinese investors. According to [Bloomberg]

Drinking Makes Learning a Foreign Language Easier


Learning a foreign language can be a beast: the difficult conjugations; the new pronunciations and, worst of all, the pressure. But several studies have shown that a bit of liquor, over drugs like Valium, can help loosen the tongue when it comes to language proficiency. According to one study from the 1970s, subjects who had consumed [Slate]

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(n.) A mild beverage, usually water or beer, sipped after consuming a shot of hard liquor, or a shot of hard liquor consumed after sipping a mild beverage.

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