Where To Find Wine in French Basque Country


Eric Asimov of The New York Times travels to French Basque Country to search for wines of Irouléguy. Although grapes used to produced wine in the region are common throughout France, Asimov finds the finished product distinctly lively; “Yet the land, the climate, the language and the culture remain apart, isolated by the Pyrenees…The [The New York Times]

Here’s a List of Former-Bartender Celebrities


Actors and musicians working behind the bar to pay the bills while looking for a big break isn’t uncommon. Liquor.com compiles a list of celebrities who were once drink-slingers, although it “can’t vouch for the quality of their drinks and or the bar-side manner.” Before Speed, Sandra Bullock used to bartend in New York where she [Liquor.com]

Jenny Lewis Releases Wine with Broc Cellars, Domaine LA


It’s a good day for Jenny Lewis Fans. Just in time for first solo album in six years, Jenny Lewis released a line of wine in collaboration with Jill Bernheimer of Domaine LA.  The former frontwoman of Rilo Kiley decided to record her album in an analogue studio, and the wine takes a similar More

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Wal-Mart Refuses to Sell Beer to a Dad


Earlier this month, when 57-year-old Jim Davis attempted to check out of a rural Iowa Wal-Mart Supercenter with two six-packs of Budweiser and some Smirnoff Ice, he was denied, according to the Des Moines Register. The reason? His 15-year-old daughter was present. In an effort to curb potential underage drinking incidents, Wal-Mart instituted a carding policy [The Des Moines Register]

Moldova’s Underground Wine Tunnels & the Threat of Russia


According to BBC, more than million bottles wine are hidden in the country’s old mining tunnels. Constructed by the Russians half a century ago, the subterranean chambers known as the Cricova tunnels (located beneath a winery of the same name) house one of the world’s most storied wine collections—including a number of bottles that once belonged to Nazi henchman Herman [BBC]

Real Housewives Star Starts Wine Line


Watch out, world. Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Brandi Glanville is launching her own line of wine, according to E!. Glanville announced on Twitter that she is soon releasing a label of chardonnay, and has asked her followers to ruminate on a suitable name. “I want S.T.F.U. and drink… they said no haha,” she tweeted. Hopefully [E!]

How “Craft” Is Your Favorite Craft Distillery?


That charming backstory about your favorite artisanal whiskey isn’t always what it’s chalked up to be. According to The Daily Beast, instead of actually creating their own spirits, some new “distilleries” are purchasing casks of factory-produced booze and repackaging it as “craft.”  In fact, large portion of today’s craft whiskey market hails from a single “massive brick complex that [The Daily Beast]

Your Beer Choice Is a Lifestyle Choice

craft beer

According to PR Newswire, in a recent study by Mintel of drinkers between the ages of 24 and 35, “70% say that the brand of beer says a lot about you and 66% say the style does the same.” The craft beer category has already benefitted tremendously thanks to its image among young people as, well, craft–i.e. small, [PR Newswire]

Ethiopia Has a Burgeoning Wine Scene


At present, coffee is the beverage most associated with Ethiopia, one of Africa’s poorest countries, but it could soon become wine. According to The Guardian, Castel, a large French beer and wine company, has begun to bottle its first round of Ethiopian-grown wines. In an effort to better its image abroad, the conglomerate began to cultivate [The Guardian]

Tiger Bone Wine Not Banned in China


There is a long held belief in China that tiger bones are beneficial to one’s mental and physical health. In fact, traditional Chinese medicine has used nearly every part of the tiger for homeopathic remedies including its skin and whiskers. These days, killing tigers for its skin is banned, but killing tigers for its [The Daily Beast ]

The Punch A-Z


(n.) A portmanteau of “mock” and “cocktail,” used to designate a cocktail that contains no alcohol. While this term can and does overlap with “virgin,” a distinction can be made that virgin should be used when the alcohol from an existing cocktail is omitted (e.g. Virgin Piña Colada), while mocktail is a better descriptor for […]

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