Chain Restaurants Will Soon Be Required to Print Calorie Counts for Booze


The FDA has ruled that restaurants will soon need to list calorie information for alcoholic drinks on their menus, reports CTV News. Despite significant opposition from beer, wine and spirits heavy-hitters, dining establishments with more than 20 locations will have to provide this information by November of next year, with the intention of further [CTV News]

For Bond, Beer Is Out and the Martini Is Back


James Bond purists are rejoicing today, as it’s been announced that Daniel Craig’s 007 will be returning to his Martini-soaked roots in the next installment of the iconic espionage series. Belvedere, the premium Polish vodka brand, has signed on as the second big corporate sponsor behind Bond 25, due out next year, reports Express. The [Express]

Five States Place a Preemptive Ban on Powdered Alcohol


If the long-awaited powdered alcohol concoction, Palcohol, ever does make it to market, residents in Alaska, Delaware, Louisiana, South Carolina and Vermont will have a difficult time getting their hands on it. Soon, Colorado might be added to that list as politicians attempt to place a preemptive ban on the controversial substance, The Guardian reports. Despite the best [The Guardian]

Louisiana Renews Its Relationship with Whiskey


Within the past two years, three Louisiana distilleries (Atelier Vie, Donner-Peltier Distillers and Louisiana Lightning) have begun churning out what may very well be the first legally-made whiskies in the state since Prohibition—and maybe ever. Considering Louisiana’s longtime signature cocktail, the Sazerac, uses rye whiskey as its base, The Times-Picayune asks: What took so long? As it [The Times-Picayune]

A Recap of SantaCon 2014

SantaCon gingerbread

Katie Van Syckle reports from the ground during SantaCon for NY Mag “so you don’t have to.” SantaCon is an annual, holiday-themed pub crawl whereby one and all get drunk en masse, in costume. Her report takes us from the Time’s Square starting point through a series of bars in midtown, meeting fellow Santas [NY Mag]

New York Distilleries Can Now Serve Cocktails

King's Distillery Thumbnail

This weekend, the Craft New York Act went into effect, freeing craft distillery tasting rooms to offer serving-size 1.5 ounce pours (they’d been previously restricted to .25 ounce pours). The Wall Street Journal reports that this new legislation also will allow distilleries to incorporate their spirits into cocktails and mixed drinks opening up more opportunities for craft [The Wall Street Journal]

Facebook Will Soon Recognize When You’re Drunk

Artificial Intelligence

Researcher Yann LeCun of Facebook Artificial Intelligence Research Lab (FAIR) is on a humanitarian quest to develop a face recognition AI that could intervene if you drunkenly attempt to upload selfies to Facebook. Wired reports on this development, which builds on the already-existing technology that distinguishes your face when tagging photos, as well as the strides made in voice-recognition [Wired]

Session Beers Are Gaining Steam

Session Checkers

Session beers (not to be confused with saisons) are often associated with the pale and tasteless, and have—until recently—remained relatively untouched by the craft beer community. NPR reports that sessions (beers under 5 percent ABV) are seeing a renaissance as an alternative to the craft beer’s alcohol-heavy darlings, and as a viable pairing with food. In [NPR]

Maker’s Mark Is Being Sued for “False Advertising”


In booze-related lawsuits, two California residents are suing Kentucky’s Maker’s Mark distillery for alleged false advertising claiming the spirit is handmade, when in fact most of Maker’s distilling methods are automated. The pair is claiming that this “deceptive advertising” gives customers the “false impression that the whisky [is] of superior quality by virtue of being ‘Handmade’ and [The Star Advertiser]

College Students’ Perception of Drinking Rates Is Distorted


It’s been almost 40 years since Animal House was released in theaters, but college drinking, and everything that goes along with it, doesn’t seem to be going anywhere. As Ohio State University’s student newspaper The Lantern notes, about 80 percent of students report drinking in college, and many of them are having trouble balancing [The Lantern]

The Punch A-Z

Julep Strainer

(n.): This one-piece strainer consists of a shallow bowl with even round perforations and an attached handle. Designed specifically for juleps in the era before drinking straws were invented, the strainer would fit into the cocktail glass and hold back crushed ice while the drinker took a sip. Today the strainer can be used for […]

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