New Beer Mile Record Brews Controversy

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The infamous Beer Mile has been receiving more attention due to a recent world-record dispute, reports ESPN. The Beer Mile is a painful and excruciating run where contestants are required to drink a 12-ounce beer from a brand of their choice—as long as the beer contains at least 5 percent alcohol—then run a quarter mile, [ESPN]

Blue Moon Being Sued For Advertising Itself As a Craft Beer

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One San Diego man feels MillerCoors is lying to us all by calling Blue Moon a “craft” beer. According to Quartz, Evan Parent feels strongly enough that he filed a class-action suit against the beverage giant, claiming that the company is engaging in false and deceptive advertising. Key parts of his argument revolve around how [Quartz]

Unsurprisingly, Ladies Are Making Big Moves in the Whiskey World

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Move over, boys. Not only are more women drinking whiskey these days, there are also more women distilling and working in the whiskey industry overall. Somewhere around 37 percent of whiskey consumers today are women. According to Eater, women are now showing up everywhere from corporate positions at companies like Maker’s Mark and Michter’s. [Eater]

Bud Light Takes Heat for “Up For Whatever” Campaign

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Bud Light has been the recipient of much criticism in light of their “Up for Whatever” campaign, reports the New York Times. The campaign features bottle labels stating that “The perfect beer for removing ‘no’ from your vocabulary for the night,” which was called out on social media sites for promoting rape culture, especially during the [New York Times ]

Irish Distiller in Trouble Over “Gluten-Free” Claims

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St. Patrick’s Distillery of Cork, Ireland is in some hot water with The Food Safety Authority of Ireland (FSAI) after claims were made that their potato-based vodka and gin are gluten-free. Based on the Irish Examiner, not only have complaints been filed towards the distillery, but according to the FSAI, the claims are misleading [Irish Examiner]

Michael Pollan Says “Natural” No Longer Means Anything

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The meaning of the word “natural” seems to have lost its cultural value, as everything from childbirth, to chips and wine now boast being “natural.” In fact, according to Michael Pollan, writing for the New York Times, the word has lost its value in the absence of a hard-and-fast definition—especially as it applies to food [New York Times]

A Quick Tour of the World’s Craft “Stunt” Beers

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As the art of craft brewing allows for much experimentation, recently it’s taken a turn for the baroque. Fortune reports that there are now craft beers brewed with everything from whale testicles to yeast that’s traveled through space. While these “stunt” beers certainly capture the attention of the media, that’s often the driving motive. “…[T]he problem is beers [Fortune ]

Effects of Alcohol Said to Vary By Race and Gender


It seems that every few months a new study comes out either condemning or praising the effects of alcohol on one’s health and lifespan. Scientists have long been tracking the drinking habits of regular people in an attempt to hone in on just how much is an appropriate amount to drink. Today, new findings [Medical News Today]

Budweiser Looks to David Chang for Help with the “Foodie” Demographic


Budweiser is still feeling backlash from the controversial Super Bowl ad that mocked the craft-beer movement and hailed the King of Beers as the true beer drinker’s choice. Small brewers around the country have continued to lash out at Budweiser, some even creating a version of the “pumpkin peach ale” the ad taunted. Now, [Fox News]

Thieves Busted for Kentucky Bourbon Heist

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Kentucky authorities have finally indicted the rouge distillery workers behind the theft of massive amounts of bourbon, reports the New York Post. The ring stole from both the Buffalo Trace distillery and the Wild Turkey distillery—where a few of the thieves worked— and made away with some of the rarest and most expensive bottles in [New York Post ]

The Punch A-Z

Hard Shake

(v.) A highly choreographed and controversial version of the hand shake said to increase emulsification, texture and quality of ice chips that float on a shaken and poured cocktail. Developed in Japan by bartender Kazuo Uyeda, the process involves rapidly moving a filled cocktail shaker held at a precise angle through three separate points relative […]

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