Moët Now Making Sparkling Wine in China


Luxury wine producer Moët Hennessy is later this month launching its first line of sparkling wines from grapes grown entirely on Chinese soil, reports ABC News. The move, they say, is in response to a more than tripling of demand for bubbly in the country. The new winery, located in the Ningxia region of China’s [ABC News ]

Apparently British People Spend More Money On Illegal Drugs Than Beer


A “shadow economy” sounds like something you might encounter in a science fiction novel, but it’s exactly what a new study by Britain’s Office of National Statistics (ONS) attempted to measure, according to one Telegraph report. Specifically, the ONS has gone to great lengths to investigate the underground trade of illicit sex and drugs; [Telegraph]

Brazil Now Has a Flashy Museum Devoted to Cachaça


Salinas, Brazil, a small city a day’s drive north of Rio de Janeiro, just opened a beautiful new museum devoted to Brazil’s national spirit, cachaça. Designed by Chilean architect Jô Vasconcellos, the structures that house the museum are minimal—constructed to resemble a set of  boxes arranged simply in a row—and very, very blue. But the [Curbed National]

Jancis Robinson Ponders Whether Riesling Will Ever Take Off for Real


Some things sadly just aren’t meant to be. Wine critic and riesling lover Jancis Robinson knows this all too well. An expert on the merits of the native German grape variety, she’s studied firsthand the oft-misunderstood grape’s steady ascent over the past 35 years of winemaking. First dealing with an over-ripening problem in Europe, then a [Jancis Robinson]

Templeton Rye Accused of Misleading Customers


Terms like “original recipe” might not always mean what they seem, at least according to the Chicago law firm that’s in the process of suing Templeton Rye. The class-action lawsuit, Consumerist recounts, filed for “all individuals in the United States who’ve purchased a bottle of Templeton Rye,” states that Templeton intentionally misled customers to [Consumerist]

How Much Do You Drink Compared To The Rest of America?


Turns out, the majority of Americans don’t actually drink that much. In fact, up to 60 percent of people report having less than one drink per week, reads a chart in Philip J. Cook’s new book, Paying the Tab, which analyzes the economic costs and benefits of alcohol in the United States. But while [The Washington Post]

Belgium Unveils Underground Beer Pipeline


Beer might soon be flowing the streets of Bruges, Belgium—or, actually, under them, according to a report by Mashable. In an attempt to reduce traffic and noise from trucks transporting beer from De Halve Maan brewery to its bottling plant two miles away, city planners have approved a measure to build an underground pipeline [Mashable]

PUNCH Is on Heritage Radio Network


PUNCH is coming to radio waves near you. Each month, editor-in-chief Talia Baiocchi and deputy editor Leslie Pariseau will host PUNCH Radio—an hour-long narrative show about wine, cocktails and spirits—on Brooklyn’s own Heritage Radio Network. Think of PUNCH Radio as a handy extension of PUNCH magazine. Like the magazine, PUNCH radio is, first and foremost, about More

Join Us for An Evening of Oddball Italian Futurist Cocktails


Perhaps not the most intuitive of cocktail categories, Futurist cocktails include ingredients both weird and ordinary—from anchovy-stuffed communion wafers to lambrusco to amaro. But the offshoot of the Italian Futurist art movement was often less about ingredients and more about expectations—or rather, the unexpected. The Italian Futurist art movement (1909 – 1944) radically rejected [Eventbrite ]

Milk & Honey Will Relocate. Again.


The first time legendary New York cocktail bar Milk & Honey shuttered, it was because the little Lower East Side bar was being relocated to a much larger space on Madison Square Park. But this time, the bar will shutter “because of a demolition clause in its lease,” as owner Sasha Petraske relayed to The [New York Times]

The Punch A-Z


(n.) An alcoholic beverage consumed before going to sleep, a nightcap is different in theory than a digestif, as it is not necessarily associated with the end of a meal, though the categories will overlap in some instances. Individual preferences will dictate the alcohol, though it is usually a single spirit, served neat. This practice […]

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