Do Different Drinks Cause Different Kinds of Drunk?

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According to io9, different kinds of alcohol might actually produce different brands of drunk. In other words,  that friend who insists tequila makes him “go crazy” may have a point.  But before jumping to conclusions, let’s look at the basics. The ethanol found in beer is identical to that found in wine or whiskey. Ethanol is responsible for getting [io9]

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Rock ‘n’ Roll Fans Prefer Riesling

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What do your music preferences say about your taste in wine? According to a recent study that surveyed 2,000 adults, apparently a lot. According to The Telegraph, fans of rock ‘n’ roll music enjoy riesling, while pop music listeners prefer sauvignon blanc. The corollary study also found that gewürztraminer is the favorite amongst classic music fans.  “Like [The Telegraph]

Champagne Is the New Burgundy for Investors


Unsurprisingly, Champagne is the next big thing in investment, according to Wine Searcher. With the skyrocketing prices of Bordeaux and Burgundy over the past decade, the entry level for wine collectors has become increasingly steeper. Champagne, on the other hand, offers a great alternative.  “The world’s top Champagne vintages, 1988, 1996, and 2002 have consistently shown great [Wine Searcher]

How Much Does Beer Cost Around the World?


How much are you paying for beer? In the U.S. prices fluctuate wildly from New York City to Omaha to Houston. It’s not much different in Europe, apparently. According to an infographic published by The Wall Street Journal, the average price of a 330ml bottle of beer costs £2.87 in Oslo, Norway, but £0.64 in Warsaw, Poland. [The Wall Street Journal]

Models in Underwear Now Home-Delivering Booze


Starting today, you can get alcohol delivered to your front door by a real model wearing only underwear, according to LAist. The service is a collaboration between MeUndies and Saucey, who make unmentionables and deliver alcohol, respectively.  Unfortunately, the promotion will last for a week only. During that time, you can order a “Sleepover Pack” through Saucey’s [LAist]

19th-Century Distillery Revives Its Tennessee Whiskey


In 1891, a woman was running one of America’s largest distilleries. “Miss Louisa,” the wife of Green Brier Distillery founder Charles Nelson, took over the Tennessee whiskey business upon his death, which was producing and selling over 380,000 gallons of whiskey around the world. According to The Tennessean, Green Brier Distillery has begun producing whiskey again for the [The Tennessean]

In Venezuela, Scotch Sales Plummet with the Rise of Rum


Due to inflation, Venezuelans are switching over to locally produced rum instead of expensive whiskey, according to The Wall Street Journal.  Although the country used to be the biggest consumer of Scotch in Latin America, it saw a 30% drop in Scotch sales last year. On the other hand, rum sales rose by 25%. [The Wall Street Journal]

Netscape Founder To Auction off Wine Collection for $6m


Sotheby’s will soon auction off vintage wines from the founder of Netscape Communication Corp., James H. Clark’s collection, according to Bloomberg. The sales are scheduled for October 4 in Hong Kong and November 15 in New York, and are estimated to generate more than $6 million. The collection includes”67 magnums of Henri Jayer burgundy wines from [Bloomberg]

Suspect in a Whiskey Stealing Case Dies


Charges against a Pennsylvania caretaker, John W. Saunders, who was accused of drinking “century-old whiskey hidden away in the mansion of a former coal baron” was dropped following his death, according to Trib Total Media. Saunders died on July 21, and the court dismissed the case a week later.  Saunders was “charged with theft and [Trib Total Media]

A New Orleans Cocktail Fit for James Bond


New Orleans is a place that inspires drinking. Not just a beer or two, but serious drinking. Sazerac and whiskey drinking. In the fourth edition of The Bitter Southerner‘s cocktail series, Sarah Baird (also a PUNCH writer) seeks out SoBou bartender Abigail Gullo for a cocktail that a present day James Bond might drink. (In 1973′s Live and [The Bitter Southerner]

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(n.) Gin’s legal definition requires it to be a neutral grain spirit flavored with juniper berries and proprietary blends of botanicals and then bottled at over 80 proof. Common botanical additions include citrus peel, coriander, cinnamon bark, angelica root, cardamom and a slate of others. First created in the 17th century as a Dutch medicinal tonic, gin’s […]

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