This Guy Is the UK’s Original Whiskey Writer

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UK drinks magazine Hot Rum Cow pays homage to Alfred Bernard, the eccentric chronologer of UK distilleries and author of The Whiskey Distilleries of the United Kingdom, a meticulous (some might say tedious) account of 161 distilleries, their dimensions and their methods (if not much in the way of tasting notes). In 1885, Bernard was tasked by Harper’s [Hot Rum Cow]

Bordeaux Producer Pontet-Canet’s Second Label Declassified

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In a rather shocking declassification, it has just been announced that longstanding Bordeaux’s Chateau Pontet-Canet will not be selling its 2012 Les Hauts de Pontet under the AOC of Pauillac. According to Decanter, the tasting jury has determined that the wine does not represent, or taste like, wines associated with Pauillac. The panel tasted an “excès d’acidité volatile” (excessive volatile acids). [Decanter]

Mexican Wine Gives a New Meaning to “Old World”

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They’re difficult to come by, but Mexican wine is appearing increasingly in specialty shops and restaurants in southern California. Will Lyons for The Wall Street Journal takes a trip to Mexico to explore a little known wine region with a long history. Most associate Mexico’s export beverages with tequila, mezcal and cheap lagers, so it may come as [Wall Street Journal]

Say Hello to the $250 Supersonic Decanter

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The Sonic Decanter still has a month left to source funds on Kickstarter, Yahoo Tech got their hands on a prototype of the device that claims that it can soften tannins with a “15- to 20-minute ultrasonic session.” “Once it gets going, the Decanter’s edges emanate a blue glow, and it emits a loud electrical buzz,” writes [Yahoo Tech]

Teardrop Lounge’s Owner on the PDX Cocktail Scene


You’d think that, as the owner and operator of Teardrop Lounge (Portland’s cocktail mainstay since 2007) and a partner in The Commissary (a juice and syrup business) Daniel Shoemaker would have been born with a knack for mixing drinks. But according to an interview with Eater, his, and Portland’s, rise to cocktail stardom took a bit [Eater]

How Are Microplastics Ending Up In German Beer?


Hops. Barley. Malt. These are the astoundingly simple ingredients you hope to find in the beer you’ve been drinking. Modern Farmer reports, however, that plastic, and a slew of other microscopic contaminants, have been making their way into your favorite German lager. According to a recent study that analyzed the contents of 24 brands [Modern Farmer]

At This Company, Interns Double as Bartenders


More often than not, interns are responsible for making copies, going on coffee runs and trolling the internet until someone says “go for.” But at Bespoke Post, a mailing subscription company, they’re in charge of making cocktails reports Fast Company. Bespoke’s interns are simply following a tradition that began in the summer of 2013. At the [Fast Company]

Tiki Mugs Are Bars’ Most Stolen Items

Watch it or lose it. Thieves at work.

Unsurprising, moderately to greatly inebriated people often submit to illicit behavior. Including theft. In a recent survey of Boston barkeeps, Eater exposes the oddest items pilfered from bars, and the results are just that—resoundingly odd. When it comes to glassware, novelty items are the most often nabbed. Tiki mugs and shiny, copper Moscow mule tins top the list, with more than half [Eater]

Photographer Tod Papageorge on Shooting at Studio 54, Visual Poetry

Studio 54

In anticipation of photographer Tod Papageorge’s new photo book, Studio 54 (Stanley/Barker), Vice has an interview with him, wherein he talks about his shooting style and what we can expect from the images he shot during the legendary New York club’s heyday. Studio 54 has been burned in our collective consciousness as the cold glitter of Bryonic poetry, [Vice ]

Turkish Wine Advertising: Not Seen But Definitely Heard

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Strict regulations on alcohol sales and marketing in Turkey has winemakers getting creative with promotion. According to Forbes, advertising in its most common terms is forbidden: no campaigns, no tastings, no websites. Other measures have made promotion more difficult still, with the government requiring that bottles sold in the EU carry large warning labels [Forbes]

The Punch A-Z


(n.) This grape brandy is made in the Charente region of France. The Dutch invented cognac in the 17th century after experimenting with different types of French wine as a distillate before deciding the examples from the Cognac region worked best. Growers began to produce grapes specifically for distillation of brandy and the center of […]

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