Italian Wine Industry Cracking Down on Foreign Imitators


The Italian wine industry is fed up with imitator products, which costs Italy’s producers up to $1 billion annually, according to Wine Searcher. In efforts to eliminate imitations, Italian authorities have signed a deal with eBay in which the retailer will be responsible for removing any wines advertised on its site that misuse the name of [Wine Searcher]

Alcohol Ads Might Not Actually Influence How Much We Drink


A new report from The University of Texas at Austin reveals that while alcohol advertisements may be effective in swaying a consumer’s brand choices, they are not actually influencing people to drink more, says AdWeek. The study examined alcohol sales in the US between 1971 and 2011 and found that per capita consumption remained relatively [AdWeek]

American Craft Beer Is Becoming a Bigger Thing Abroad

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With the rising popularity of craft beer in America, it may not come as a surprise to learn that foreign markets are importing more and more American craft beer as well, meaning that it is not just Budweiser, Miller and Coors who have to watch out for competition from the craft beer industry now, reports [Fortune]

Amidst Russia’s Economic Crisis a Moonshine Black Market Emerges

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As Russia’s economic crisis continues, locals are turning to cheap, dangerous and potentially lethal alternatives to vodka, reports NOLA. As liquor prices increase, the country has seen a rise in the consumption of moonshine, cleaning products and medicinal alcohol. While the government’s minimum price requirement of 185 rubles ($2.96) for a half-liter of vodka may [NOLA ]

Arsenic Wine Controversy Sheds Light on Shortfalls of “Sustainable” Certifications

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Just after reports broke last week that high levels of arsenic were found in many wines from California, Wine Searcher is now reporting that most of the wines containing arsenic are also certified sustainable. Investigation into these wines is also uncovering what exactly is meant by “sustainable” by the California wine industry, and the [Wine Searcher]

These Are the 2015 James Beard Award Finalists in Beverage


The 2015 James Beard Award Finalists are hot off the presses with a competitive showing across all beverage categories including cocktail book, outstanding bar and wine programs. Congratulations to our own Talia Baiocchi, editor-in-chief of PUNCH for her nomination on SHERRY in the category of Book Awards for Beverage. The 2015 James Beard Awards will be hosted by Alton [James Beard Foundation ]

These Are the Most Popular Beers in Each Country


Can anyone truly be surprised to see that America’s most popular beer is Bud Light, Mexico’s is Corona and Ireland’s is Guinness? Vinepair recently released a map depicting each country’s most beloved beer. Based on data from Euromonitor and consumer records, Vinepair’s map reveals that countries prefer their home-produced beer, reports Metro. This means Asahi in Japan, [Metro]

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Some Booze Brands To Label Bottles with Calorie Count


Booze companies have never favored the health-conscious crowd (probably for good reason), but according to NBC News, Diageo will soon begin providing nutrition information and alcohol content on its labels. The global alcohol giant, which owns brands such as Johnnie Walker, Guinness, Smirnoff and Bailey’s, will package its beverages with a typical nutrition label including alcohol by volume, calories, carbohydrates and fat content [NBC News]

Crackdowns on Corruption in China a Factor in Poor Bordeaux Sales

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Bordeaux sales dropped drastically last year because of a poor 2013 harvest and slowing demand in China, reports The Guardian. China has long been a main export market for Bordeaux, and now that the country is seeing a crackdown on corruption by new leadership, lavish bottles of wine are no longer being gifted to win [The Guardian]

Beer Made with Space Yeast Is Now a Reality

space beer

Oregon-based Ninkasi Brewing Co. sent six vials of brewers yeast to space, and soon beer made from the galactic substance will be available to drink, reports io9. “Ground Control” is an imperial stout that was brewed last year with yeast that traveled 77.3 miles in altitude on a rocket in October of 2014. According [io9]

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Canadian Whisky

(n.) Legally, Canadian whisky must be distilled from fermented grains, aged for three years in wood casks and bottled at 80 proof or higher. The fermented grain mash—usually made of corn—is often distilled at alcohol levels much higher than bourbon, which means flavor from the grains is largely neutralized. Producers are allowed to mix in […]

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