Meet the Billionaire Combatting Wine Fraud


After billionaire Bill Koch bought four bottles of 1787 Bordeaux for $500,000 that turned out to be fakes, he decided to reexamine his entire wine collection. According to Bloomberg, Koch sent 211 suspicious bottles (out of 43,000) off to Bordeaux’s Centre d’Etudes Nucleaires de Bordeaux Gradignan (CENBG) for testing. Each was identified as a fake, and Koch had [Bloomberg]

How Much More Craft Beer Can the Market Really Bear?

craft beer allagash

In a response to an earlier opinion piece entitled “America Now Has Over 3,000 Craft Breweries—and That’s Not Necessarily Great for Beer Drinkers” Joshua M. Bernstein, writing for Bon Appétit, explains how the increased number of craft breweries may cause problems for the market. He argues that the growing number of craft breweries—which, he cites, is up [Bon Appétit]

Israeli Winery Continues to Produce Amidst Warfare

In Golan Heights, a territory that falls between Israel and Syria, Pelter Winery continues regular production even though “a few fields away a civil war ensues,” according to CNN. Tourist visits haven’t slowed, harvest goes on as normal and over 100,000 bottles continue to be produced here every year despite the sound of sirens [CNN]

Dubai Now Home to 24-Carat Gold, Alcohol-Free Wine

dubai sunset

If you can’t have wine with alcohol, you might as well have wine with gold in it, or so logic seems to go in Dubai. According to the New York Daily News, Dismark Products, a Spanish corporation that producers a number of non-alcoholic wines, has launched “a $150 bottle of ‘halal’ non-alcoholic sparkling white []

Are Distillery Cats the Next Cats of Instagram?


Several months ago, our very own Brad Thomas Parsons wrote a semi-definitive guide to distillery cats—those felines that keep watch over the affairs of great spirits.  Ari Shapiro, NPR’s London correspondent, built upon this guide with a tour paying homage to one of Scotland’s most renowned distillery cats, Towser the Mouser of Glenturret. In his day, Towser [NPR]

Wine Fraudster Fakes 5M Euros of Italian Wine


Tuscany’s famed Brunello di Montalcino wines are the latest victims in a recent rash of wine forgeries around the world. According to Businessweek, the forger—a former wine consultant—was caught recently by Italy’s financial police after selling a massive amount of regular wine posing as Montalcino onto the wholesale market: the equivalent of 220,600 bottles [Businessweek]

Who Is the Best-Dressed Somm in America?

sommelier pouring wine

According to Yahoo!, the Australian wine producer Penfolds has launched a new campaign—in collaboration with GQ—to find the best-dressed sommelier in America. And that isn’t just limited to attire, folks. Penfolds’ US Winemaking Ambassador DLynn Proctor suggests that it’s not just about looking good, but it’s about “exploring and knowing how to choose. Whether it [Yahoo!]

“Beer” Made from Concentrate Isn’t Very Good


Don’t want to lug around a case of beer every time you go camping? According to Gear Patrol, Pat’s Backcountry Beverages makes concentrated forms of beer that you can simply make by adding water. The company claims that it is “the most environmentally, socially and sustainably responsible carbonated beverage system on earth.”  The mechanism seems simple enough. [Gear Patrol]

Johnnie Walker Makes a $200,000 Whiskey


According to Wine Searcher, you can get your hands on the latest ultra-premium Scotch for just $200,000. Johnnie Walker’s Diamond Jubilee Scotch was released to celebrate Queen Elizabeth’s 60th jubilee, and comes in a “diamond-shaped crystal decanter made by Baccarat, with a silver collar set with a half-carat diamond.” It also comes with a [Wine Searcher]

California Plans on Regulating Groundwater Use


Wine growers in California are worried about potential dip in property value of their farms as the state legislature plans to regulate groundwater use, according to Wine Searcher. Although Governor Jerry Brown has not signed the bill yet, it could mean a huge “philosophical change in the ownership of groundwater in California.” Garrett Buckland, [Wine Searcher]

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(n.) In the United States, the terms cordial and liqueur can be used interchangeably to denote a sweetened-spirit, though the latter sounds less grandmotherly…

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