Teardrop Lounge’s Owner on the PDX Cocktail Scene


You’d think that, as the owner and operator of Teardrop Lounge (Portland’s cocktail mainstay since 2007) and a partner in The Commissary (a juice and syrup business) Daniel Shoemaker would have been born with a knack for mixing drinks. But according to an interview with Eater, his, and Portland’s, rise to cocktail stardom took a bit [Eater]

How Are Microplastics Ending Up In German Beer?


Hops. Barley. Malt. These are the astoundingly simple ingredients you hope to find in the beer you’ve been drinking. Modern Farmer reports, however, that plastic, and a slew of other microscopic contaminants, have been making their way into your favorite German lager. According to a recent study that analyzed the contents of 24 brands [Modern Farmer]

At This Company, Interns Double as Bartenders


More often than not, interns are responsible for making copies, going on coffee runs and trolling the internet until someone says “go for.” But at Bespoke Post, a mailing subscription company, they’re in charge of making cocktails reports Fast Company. Bespoke’s interns are simply following a tradition that began in the summer of 2013. At the [Fast Company]

Tiki Mugs Are Bars’ Most Stolen Items

Watch it or lose it. Thieves at work.

Unsurprising, moderately to greatly inebriated people often submit to illicit behavior. Including theft. In a recent survey of Boston barkeeps, Eater exposes the oddest items pilfered from bars, and the results are just that—resoundingly odd. When it comes to glassware, novelty items are the most often nabbed. Tiki mugs and shiny, copper Moscow mule tins top the list, with more than half [Eater]

Photographer Tod Papageorge on Shooting at Studio 54, Visual Poetry

Studio 54

In anticipation of photographer Tod Papageorge’s new photo book, Studio 54 (Stanley/Barker), Vice has an interview with him, wherein he talks about his shooting style and what we can expect from the images he shot during the legendary New York club’s heyday. Studio 54 has been burned in our collective consciousness as the cold glitter of Bryonic poetry, [Vice ]

Turkish Wine Advertising: Not Seen But Definitely Heard

Vinkara Thumbnail

Strict regulations on alcohol sales and marketing in Turkey has winemakers getting creative with promotion. According to Forbes, advertising in its most common terms is forbidden: no campaigns, no tastings, no websites. Other measures have made promotion more difficult still, with the government requiring that bottles sold in the EU carry large warning labels [Forbes]

The Truth About London’s 1814 Beer Flood, REVEALED

cellar construction thumbnail

Two-hundred years ago today, a vat burst in Horse Shoe Brewery on Tottenham Court Road, flooding London with 9,000 barrels of dark porter, destroying two houses and killing eight people. The London Beer Flood, as it came to be known, was rumored to have been a scene of post-tramautic debauchery including riots and porter-drunk ransackers, but [The Independent ]

Brewmaster Garrett Oliver Calls Out David Chang

brooklyn brewery thumbnail

A couple days ago, we empathized with David Chang’s “cheap, shitty” beer manifesto that appeared in GQ; there’s something relatable about frustration over the complexity of craft beer when what one yearns for is something simple and familiar. And he makes a good point: Cheap beer works with food. You will never overpower pad thai with Coors Light. But [GQ]

Knicks Star Soaks in Wine Baths

Stoudemire Thumbnail

There were some moments of “Wait, WHAT?” when Amar Stoudemire Instagrammed a bathtub selfie as he soaked in what looked very much like red wine (#Kinging). ESPN confirms that yes, Stoudemire was soaking in wine, which is part of his current spa therapy program. Apparently his wife tipped him off to the treatment, and he claims to feel rejuvenated. The scientific [ESPN]

Join Us in Celebrating the Release of Sherry with Lots of Sherry


In celebration of the release of Sherry: A Modern Guide to the Wine World’s Best-Kept Secret by PUNCH’s editor-in-chief Talia Baiocchi, join us at NYC’s Donostia on Wednesday, the 22nd, from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m. for a blitz of sherry, sherry cocktails from Will Peet of the NoMad and Donostia and more than 15 different traditional pintxos. More

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Straight Up

(phrase) This ambiguous drink order requests that either a spirit be served neat (without ice) or a cocktail be served up (shaken or stirred with ice then strained). To avoid confusion when ordering, it is best to use either “neat” or “up” instead.

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