Hong Kong Universities May Ban Alcohol Sales


The Tung Wah Group of Hospitals in Hong Kong is calling for a ban on the sale of alcohol on university campuses, according South China Morning Post. The hospital group is worried about the well-being of students after discovering that a fifth of university students binge drink, but only one per cent admitted to having [South China Morning Post]

New Denny’s in NYC Will Offer Craft Cocktails, $300 “Grand Cru Slam”


Attention, pancake lovers and stoners alike. According to Mashable, New York City’s newest Denny’s in the Financial District will feature craft cocktails from Soho House alum Mike Capoferri. The new restaurant will also look nothing like the standard Denny’s chain outlets you can find across the country. It will be decorated with “brick walls, leather [Mashable]

New York’s Booze Producers Doubled in Four Years

New York  Sunset - From Rockefeller Center

The number of alcoholic beverage producers in New York has more than doubled in last four years, according to the Star-Gazette. The data was released by Governor Andrew Cuomo’s office this Monday.  The state is now a home to 752 manufactures of alcoholic beverages, compared to four years ago when there were only 366. There has been [Star-Gazette]

Most Kids Have Tasted Alcohol by Age 12


According to Medical XPress, sipping or tasting alcohol at an early age is not necessarily related to problem behavior. The results of the study will be published in the online-only version of Alcoholism: Clinical & Experimental Research in September.  “We currently do not have a good handle on how common sipping or tasting alcohol is [Medical XPress]

Winery to Open in a Polygamous Utah Town


According to KSL.com, a new winery called Vintage Estate is slated to open in the polygamous town of Hildale, Utah. The business is owned by people from Hildale and Colorado City, Arizona, both of which are home to the Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. “It’s one of the biggest, cleanest, best-equipped wineries I’ve [KSL.com]

Earthquake Devastates Napa’s Wine Industry


A 6.0-magnitude earthquake hit Napa Valley on Sunday, leaving a significant damage to the wine industry, according to The Wall Street Journal, NPR, and Reuters. It was the largest earthquake in the San Francisco Bay Area in 25 years affecting the city and wine country alike. While wine producers are still scrambling to assess the [The Wall Street Journal]

Men Arrested for Selling Natty Ice Illegally


Two Indiana men were arrested and jailed after illegally selling alcohol out of a home, according to Indy Star. Police confiscated over 150 bottles and cans of alcohol, as well as an undisclosed amount of money.  While one of the men, 51, was “preliminarily charged with selling alcohol without a permit and selling alcohol on [Indy Star]

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Dennis Rodman Presents a Bad Ass Vodka


NBA Hall of Famer Dennis Rodman visited Calgary to launch his own line of vodka, according to the Calgary Herald. The controversial basketball star is famous for his bad boy image, and counts North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un amongst his friends. The name of his vodka? Dennis Rodman Original Bad Ass Premium Vodka. While in Calgary, Rodman did a [Calgary Herald]

Russia Bans Jack Daniel’s Honey


Rosportrebnadzor, the same Russian agency that outlawed Kentucky Gentleman, has ordered Russia’s store owners to take Jack Daniel’s Honey off shelves, according to Grub Street. The consumer watchdog group was “shocked” when they ran a sample of the liqueur through extensive tests in labs and discovered a copious amount of sugar and honey, which [Grub Street]

Barrel Aged Beers Gain a Foothold


Barrel-aged beers are becoming more popular, according to The Wall Street Journal. Although it still represents only a small margin of the beer industry, more brewers have begun experimenting with a variety of casks and techniques.  “Select beers can actually soak up the flavors and aromas of the spirit previously housed in the wooden barrel [The Wall Street Journal]

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(n.) A bartending tool; usually a long, thin-handled spoon used for stirring, mixing, and layering drinks. A good spoon will assist the drink maker in stirring the drink properly to limit aeration of the cocktail. The model with the twist in the handle helps to give extra control.

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