Russian Alcoholic Bears Offered Rehab in Romania

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Two bears living outside of a restaurant in Sochi, Russia have apparently developed alcoholism reports UPI. In February, a court ruled that the bears—who have been at the restaurant for 20 years—be seized from the owner who has stated that “beer is good for the bears because of the Sochi climate.” The pair will be transferred [UPI]

The Battle Over Pesticide Use in France Heats Up

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In France, the use of pesticides in vineyards is quickly becoming a hot-button issue with wine producers, says The New York Times. France is the third-largest consumer of pesticides in the world, after the United States and Japan. As the European Union’s largest agricultural producer, pesticide and big-agriculture lobbies are powerful, and can easily [New York Times]

Robert Parker Won’t Score New Bordeaux Vintages


Wine critic Robert Parker recently announced his decision to stop scoring Bordeaux futures and focus on just-bottled vintages, reports Bloomberg. Known for his 100-point wine scoring system which has been influential in determining Bordeaux prices over the past three decades, Parker’s move will likely reduce new vintage prices as they come onto the market. Gary Boom, the [Bloomberg]

Farmers Growing More Hops and Barley for Craft Beer

Craft beer has begun to impact the farming industry in a big way. Fortune reports that an increase in craft breweries’ demand for barley—they use between three and seven times more malted barley per barrel compared with companies like Budweiser or Coors—has led to a 50 percent decrease in market prices since 2012. This is good [Fortune]

Jon Bonné Joins PUNCH as Senior Contributing Editor


Ladies and gentleman, after a year and a half spent covering the world of drinks and drink culture with a small staff and a crack team of contributors, we’re thrilled to announce the expansion of the PUNCH masthead. Effective May 1, Jon Bonné will be joining PUNCH as Senior Contributing Editor, authoring a semimonthly More

Maryland Senator Proposes Lower Drinking Age For Service Members

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In Annapolis, MD, a new bill proposed by Senator Ron Young (D Frederick) would allow active-duty service members who are 18 to drink beer and wine. The Military Times reports that Sen. Young’s bill, which would require the service members under 18 to show their military identification at the establishment where they are being served [Military Times]

Diageo Invests in African Beer and Spirits Market

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Guinness and Johnnie Walker owner, Diageo Plc has invested over $1 billion in Africa within the last five years, reports Bloomberg Business. Diageo’s CEO Ivan Menezes has also stated that the company predicts that 20 percent of its sales will come from Africa in the future. According to Menezes, growing nations like Ethiopia will be the key [Bloomberg Business]

New Biofuel Developed From Whisky Waste Products

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An Edinburgh based company, Clean Renewables Ltd., has developed a new biofuel made from whisky waste products, reports Grist. Aside from serving as a new fuel source, this biofuel could help recycle the large amount of waste, including 530 million gallons of pot ale and 750,000 tons of grain. The process behind this new [Grist]

Non-Alcoholic Beer Vies for Malaysia’s Muslim Market


One might expect that non-alcoholic beer would be an attractive alternative for those abstaining for religious reasons. But in countries like Malaysia, where 60 percent of the population in Muslim, authorities have not certified NA beer as halal—or permissible by Islamic law—reports the Wall Street Journal. Non-alcoholic beers are few and far between in Malaysia, but businessman [Wall Street Journal]

It Is 114 Times Safer to Smoke Weed Than It Is to Drink Alcohol


Those that smoke marijuana may not be taken all that seriously when they speak of its mellowing effects, but scientists have just vouched for them. The Washington Post reports that a new study published in Scientific Reports compared seven illicit drugs and found that alcohol was the deadliest of them all, requiring the smallest lethal dose, while marijuana [Washington Post ]

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