A Hungover Bear Goes to Work

McSweeney’s illustrator-in-residence, Ali Fitzgerald, lays her Hungover Bear and Friends column on us this week with a mopey looking Bear rafting his way to work. We hope your commute was better than his. Happy Monday. [McSweeney’s]

Look at This ’70s Bar, Bleu Cheese Cocktail Included

The speakeasy has been done. So has the tiki bar. And the cowboy saloon. Now is the moment for the disco era’s second coming—in all of its Long Island Iced Tea glory. Grub Street NY takes a look at Golden Cadillac, a collaboration between Cocktail Kingdom owner Greg Boehm and bartender Giuseppe Gonzalez (formerly More

Image Is Everything in the New York Wine Market

In her column for London’s Financial Times, wine writer Jancis Robinson finds New York’s wine scene to be “faddish,” citing the city’s apparent disregard for the wines of the Southern Hemisphere. (Mostly true.) She also hints that wines or entire regions should be careful not to get too popular, offering up the rise and More

Wine Counterfeiter Rudy Kurniawan May Plead Insanity

Rudy Kurniawan, a California wine collector who is to be tried next month for attempts to counterfeit over $1.3 million in fine wine, may plead insanity. According to Bloomberg, the legal team behind the man who “was indicted last year for allegedly consigning at least 84 bottles of counterfeit Burgundy to a New York More

Prague’s Absinthe Scene Gets a Makeover

In Prague, where there were once rumors of wormwood-induced phantasms and pyrotechnic flair, there is now a budding scene of absinthe connoisseurship. The Wall Street Journal explores the bar scene’s recent maturation via spots like Absintherie, which “[serves] its drinks the traditional way, with the hands-on, highly participatory paraphernalia of slotted spoons, sugar cubes More

Partying by Age, a Guide

Ever attuned to the twenty-something urbanista set, Cosmopolitan documents the stages of partying, by age. From covert basement beer drinking at sweet 16 to the “green juice and yoga [counteracting] the 2 or so bottles of post-work wine” at age 29 (which is totally true, BTW), Cosmo’s got it mapped out. [Cosmopolitan]

See Where America’s Chefs Drink

Serious Drinks got serious and quizzed over 30 chefs from some of America’s most lauded restaurants including New York’s Harold Dieterle of The Marrow (partial to West Village staple, Daddy-O) and Portland’s Gabe Rucker of Le Pigeon (likes B Side, a local dive). [Serious Drinks]

MIT Geniuses Invent Edible Cocktail Boat

Looks like the scientists over at MIT have some extra time on their hands. Inspired by a family of floating flowers, a group of scientists (along with chef José Andrés) designed a tiny alcohol-propelled cocktail boat meant to glide along the surface of a drink. Bonus: it’s edible. [MIT]

The Time Charlie Trotter Banned Booze

In the wake of legendary Chicago chef’s passing, the Chicago Tribune takes a laudatory look back at his monumental influence on food in Chicago and America. From fanatical ingredient sourcing to eschewing à la carte dining, Trotter was known for his “intense creativity and never-repeat-a-dish dictum.” Steadfast in his maxims, Trotter was not afraid More

The End of Cuba Libres

Gizmodo reports “Mexican Coke is ditching its key ingredient, cane sugar, for high-fructose corn syrup.” This is a serious bummer for its cult followers who seek the stuff out at Latino grocers and Mexican bodegas for the original formula. As if making a true Cuba Libre wasn’t already difficult enough (smuggled Cuban rum isn’t More

The Punch A-Z


(n.): A sweet almond-based syrup flavored with orange flower water. French in origin, it is used as a cocktail mixer in many classic drinks, such as the Mai Tai, the Scorpion and the Japanese Cocktail. As commercial versions can be laden with high-fructose corn syrup and lack the slightly creamy texture of the best versions, […]

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