Chesapeake Junction

Shae Minnillo' Chesapeake Junction is a "grapefruit bomb," featuring the citrus three ways.


Damon Boelte's spin on the radler builds off a Spanish cider base with the spirited addition of white rum.

Caput Mundi

Emanuele Broccatelli’s cocktail named for his native city draws on the anise flavors that once characterized Roman desserts and drinks, like caffé corretto.

Génépy Suisse

Ryan Maybee doubles down on winter drinking in this combination of cream, coffee liqueur, absinthe and génépy that is essentially an adult mocha.

USS Bomber

At Brooklyn’s celebrated absinthe and oyster bar Maison Premiere, Maxwell Britten enjoys every occasion to create a fantastical cocktail—especially the 4th of July.

Jamie Boudreau’s Absinthe Frappé

In his take on the Absinthe Frappé, Jamie Boudreau adds a splash of Dimmi to the classic combination of absinthe, mint, sugar and ice.

Seapea Fizz

It's said that the Seapea Fizz is named for songwriter and composer Cole Porter. The original version is a simple mix of sugar, lemon and "sweetened Anis" shaken and topped with soda water.

Absinthe Frappé

Simple, icy and strong, the frappé is a less fussy alternative to the pomp and circumstance of traditional absinthe service.

Death in the Afternoon

The title of Hemingway’s 1932 novel Death in the Afternoon is both a direct reference to the gruesome finale of Spanish bullfights, and a more oblique one about his mediations on mortality.

Maison Premiere’s Absinthe Colada

NYC bartender Maxwell Britten’s absinthe-infused variation on the Piña Colada.