Infernal Collins

Zac Overman's gingery take on the aperitif cocktail is built on a base of Campari and Maurin Quina.

Thigh High Boots

The signature drink at T.J. Lynch's soon-to-be-opened Brooklyn bar, Loverboy.

Tongue-Cut Sparrow’s Rusty Nail

A three-Scotch rendition on the classic Rusty Nail from Bobby Heugel's Tongue-Cut Sparrow.

Clacson Spritz

A signature aperitif-inspired, low-proof drink from Eric Alperin and Richard Boccato.

Scorpion Kick

A refreshing and modern interpretation of the Daiquiri from the Attaboy team.

Improved Hot Toddy

Bragg Apple Cider Vinegar—the answer to all that ails—serves as a replacement for lemon.