New Kid in Town

Equal parts Luxardo Bitter Bianco, manzanilla, cachaça and blanc vermouth, Sother Teague's New Kid in Town reads like a low-proof, slightly savory spin on the Martini.

Bobby Heugel’s Harvey Wallbanger

Bobby Heugel created this version of the Harvey Wallbanger as part of a month-long campaign to raise money for victims of Hurricane Harvey.

Erick Castro’s Piña Colada

Erick Castro incorporates four rums into his Piña Colada recipe, in a nod to tiki tradition.

Batida Ramos

In this mashup of a Ramos Gin Fizz and a batida Team Lyan incorporates housemade whey to pump up the tang and texture of the drink.

Will Elliott’s Cape Codder

This riff on the vodka-cranberry gets added depth from a dash of Angostura and a soda water topper.

Petit Fleur

St-Germain forms the backbone of this aperitif as bitter and citrus elements complement the aromatics of the base liqueur.