Madison Park Smash

Elaborately garnished and served in two-foot tall vessels, these Cocktail Explosions are designed to be both interactive and sharable.

Red Rooster Punch

Xavier Herit adds kümmel and tart raspberry puree to Cognac and Champagne for a rose-hued take on a traditional punch recipe.

Classic Champagne Punch

For his take on Champagne punch, Dale DeGroff adapted a popular 20th-century recipe built on Cognac.

Brandy Crusta

Invented in the 1850s in New Orleans, the Brandy Crusta was one of the city’s first true calling-card cocktails.

Luxury Sidecar

Bemelmans' twist on the classic Sidecar sees the addition of Calvados and some extra sweetener, for a richer drink best enjoyed alongside the bar's iconic piano.

Excellent Negus

This lengthened bishop cocktail from The Dead Rabbit gets its kick from sherry and cognac sweetened with vanilla syrup and balanced with lemon and nutmeg.

Hannah Wooley Punch

Davide Segat, bar manager at London's Punch Room, has taken this classic English punch and updated it with heady Barolo Chinato.

Niesen Buzz Bomb

This was the preferred concoction of Gertrude Niesen, an actress and singer and frequent patron of Manhattan’s Stork Club in the 1930s and ‘40s, and it’s a hell of a drink.

Mata Hari

One of the original cocktails from pioneering NYC bar, Employees Only.

Viva Alberti

Named for the memory of Giuseppe Alberti, who founded the Strega distillery in 1860 in Benevento, Italy, this herbal, savory spritz boldly carries his name forth.