The Black Stallion Sets Sail

A neo-tiki Negroni, with blackstrap rum and Ferrari (Fernet mixed with Campari) taking the place of traditional gin and Campari.

Improved Shochu Cocktail

Kenta Goto's distant riff on the Improved Whiskey Cocktail that combines barley shochu, aged gin and hop liqueur.

The Ace Hotel’s Sangria

A traditional sangria, lightened up with crisp rosé and pisco, finds a new balance while maintaining its dangerous chuggability.

Samarian Sunset

Reinterpreted for mere humans from Star Trek, Natasha David's Tequila Sunrise variation gets its color from a splash of bottom-floating Campari.


This riff on the Negroni alters the ratios slightly and swaps Campari for slightly spicy Contratto Bitter and sweet vermouth for dry, making for a more complex and all-around drier cocktail.

Daniel Webster’s Punch

A classic sherry, red wine, cognac and rum punch named for the famous Massachusetts senator of yore.

The Night Shining

London's Ali Reynolds stirs kümmel with Campari and aged rum, where the liqueur's savory notes work play well with the bracing and rounded combination.

The Brave

Bobby Heugel worked on The Brave cocktail for a full year before opening Anvil Bar & Refuge, and it remains the only drink that has been on nearly every Anvil menu since opening day.


In an effort to recreate the time-honored ritual of smoking and drinking, Stephanie Teslar began ingeniously smoking cocktail glasses with tobacco. And what goes with tobacco? Bourbon.

Rhythm and Soul

The Rhythm and Soul is Greg Best’s composite sketch of a Manhattan and a Sazerac, as if the cocktails got into a tussle, made up and had a love child.