Erick Castro’s Piña Colada

Erick Castro's Piña Colada builds on a base of Caña Brava and overproof rums alongside the traditional coconut, pineapple and lime.

Frozen Sgroppino

Expanding the repertoire of classic aperitivo cocktails, Joe Campanale adds his Frozen Sgroppino, a mix of vodka, lemon sorbet and prosecco.

Alta Linea’s Frozen Negroni

Alta Linea's Frozen Negroni takes the classic Italian staple and dresses it up in a new summer look by way of grapefruit sorbet.


Take frozen rosé and lemonade and smush it all together,” says Rob Krueger, and you wind up with the immediately enjoyable and supremely crushable frozémonade.

Margaladaoma Ice Pops

The Cinco De Mayo frozen cocktail scene just got a little more fiestacated with this mashup of a Margarita, Michelada and a Paloma in the form of an Otter Pop.

Frozen Moscow Mule

Named in homage to vodka's Russian roots, this frozen riff sticks closely to tradition and the recipe remains almost entirely unchanged, save for the addition of simple and, well, a blender.

Strawberry Negroni

Jeremy Oertel's mashup of a Strawberry Daiquiri and a Negroni.

Show Me State

Robert Sachse's Show Me State began life as a riff on the Jungle Bird, and ended up as a citrus driven, smoky, frozen cocktail all of its own.

Piña Verde

Playfully dubbed the, "Green-Yuh Colada,” by the staff at Polite Provisions, the Piña Verde was originally spawned from Erick Castro’s unorthodox addition of Green Chartreuse to the classic colada formula.

Once Over #2

With a name inspired by an '80s punk rock song The Once Over #2 is the frozen, boozy blend of Aperol and tequila.