Breakfast Martini

One of the most famous examples of jam as an ingredient in a cocktail.


The Juniperotivo is a straightforward mixture of gin, lime and muddled mint, with the unexpected addition of pomegranate syrup.

Earl Grey MarTEAni

Audrey Saunders’ reknowned non-Martini MarTEAni helped pave the way for the gin Martini's return.

Bar Tonique’s Ramos Gin Fizz

Somewhere between a Gin Fizz and a milkshake, the laborious Ramos Gin Fizz cocktail was born in New Orleans at Henry Ramos’ Imperial Cabinet Saloon in 1888.

Dale DeGroff’s Martini

Dale DeGroff’s Martini recipe builds on a simple and strong combination of Beefeater Gin and Martini Reserva Speciale Ambrato vermouth.

Basil Gimlet

The Basil Gimlet became ubiquitous throughout San Francisco after its introduction at Rye in 2006.

Ginger Rogers

Marco Dionysos based this refreshing highball on the Favorite Cocktail, a drink he found in Jacques Straub’s 1914 manual “Drinks.”


Created by Paul Harrington in 1990, this Pegu Club riff uses Campari in favor or Angostura bitters, and replaces lime juice with lemon juice.

Dante’s Negroni

For his version of the classic Negroni, bartender Naren Young loses the equal parts ratio in favor of a more gin-heavy drink that dials back on the Campari and sweet vermouth.

Señorita Spritz

Somewhere between tiki and canonical classic sits the Señorita Spritz, a genre-bending cocktail crafted from ingredients whose origins span the globe.