Midnight Bouquet

"A great nightcap is the perfect mix of strong and sweet," claims Meaghan Dorman, whose Midnight Bouquet incorporates St-Germain alongside grapefruit for a bittersweet companion to the salinity and smokiness of mezcal and tequila.

Delores Royale

In a clear wink to the seasonal change from summer to fall, the Delores Royale adds weight to the smoky mezcal base by way of apricot liqueur and amontillado sherry.

Oaxaca Old Fashioned

This is the drink that opened the American mixology world’s eyes to the potential of using tequila and mezcal in cocktails.

The Golden Ananás

Lynnette Marrero's "desert island drink" combines fino sherry, aged rum, a "cheeky" measure of mezcal and that favorite tropical staple: pineapple.

Smog Cutter

Dan Greenbaum of Attaboy opts for a lighter interpretation of the Margaladaoma challenge.


What do you get when you cross a Margarita, a Paloma and a Michelada? A Margaladaoma, naturally.

La Quebrada Spritz

Austin Hartman's crema de mezcal-based take on the spritz draws its name from Hartman's grandfather's pasttime, cliff-diving in Acapulco.

Una Vita da Signori

At his cocktail bar near the Vatican, Massimo D’Addezio combines mezcal and Martini Gran Lusso with bitter flavors and an amaro infused with Cinchona, Peruvian bark and bitter orange.


Between the buttery mezcal, nutty vermouth, bitter amaro and rich moscatel sherry, this drink is an earthy spice-bomb, made more so by the addition of hot and “woodsy” aji panca pepper syrup.

Mexican Tricycle

The Mexican Tricycle was born as "a distant cousin to my old coworker Jeff Morgenthaler's Broken Bike," which is itself a riff on the classic Italian aperitivo cocktail, the Bicicletta.