The Bitter Swagger

A "total cocktail nerd drink" that see pisco, egg white and amaro shaken together, from Memphis bartender Nick Talarico.

Chuncho Cooler

Galliano complements the floral nose of Chilean pisco, whose sweetness is tempered by ginger and lime in this low-key summer drink that can be built right in the glass.


Cristiaan Röllich looks to the kitchen for the inspiration behind his Pandora, which builds on a base of housemade cherry compote and finishes with blonde ale and pisco.

Prima Vera

In this amalgam of biting Aperol, tangy hibiscus-infused Pisco and autumnal thyme syrup, Raphael Chavez creates a bitter-sour refresher just for fall.

The Ace Hotel’s Sangria

A traditional sangria, lightened up with crisp rosé and pisco, finds a new balance while maintaining its dangerous chuggability.

White Zombie

Zac Overman of Fort Defiance's retooled version of Don the Beachcomber's 1930s classic hews tightly to the traditional Zombie blueprint, but calls for an all white spirit base instead of the traditional three or four rums.

Por La Sangre

Ivy Mix’s “don’t call it a sangria” plays on a deep, spicy Spanish garnacha to make a sophisticated wine punch that’s still refreshing when served by the pitcher.

Southern Border

In an American ode to the Pisco Sour, New York City bartender Pamela Wiznitzer adds the kitschy (and utterly delightful) element of blue Curaçao to color this cocktail bright cerulean blue.

Chance Encounter

Brian Sturgulewski's Chance Encounter uses the apricot and peach notes of Dimmi to enhance the floral flavors of pisco in this citrusy cocktail.

La Môme

New York City bartender Natasha David's riff on the Martini builds on a base of rose-infused pisco.