Joaquín Simó’s Manhattan

In our tasting of 17 Manhattans from America's top bartenders, Simó's rye and bourbon recipe came in second.

Jeremy Oertel’s Manhattan

Jeremy Oertel's take on the Manhattan was the top vote-getter at our tasting of 17 Manhattan recipes.

Ryleigh’s Sagamore Crush

This whiskey-based Crush variation uses Sagamore Spirit Rye, produced with spring water from Maryland's Sagamore Farm.

Sammy Davis Jr. Sour

Co-created by bartenders Pam Wiznitzer and Jonathan Pogash, this drink flips the traditional New York Sour with Manischewitz.

Sound of Silver

Jane Danger's whiskey- and apple brandy-based Sound of Silver—named after the LCD Soundsystem album in rotation at the bar— gets an herbaceous kick from a dash of rosemary tincture.

Red Velvet

The Red Velvet at New York's iconic Bemelmans Bar combines rye, spiced plum tea, lemon and egg white—along with a dusting of bee pollen—for a sophisticated twist on a Whiskey Sour.

The Perfect BQE

Ivy Mix, now of Leyenda, notes that this drink is called “perfect” because it’s made with equal parts dry and sweet vermouth. As for the concept of the cocktail? “It's a marriage of the Red Hook and the Greenpoint,” she explains.


Riffing on the familiar flavors of Sangria, the drink is made American by the addition of rye, but takes yet one more unexpected turn with a topper of Lambrusco, making a drink that falls somewhere in between a high-proof spritz and a Whiskey Smash.

Up in Smoke

Turning the idea of a Whiskey Sour on its head, the bar team at The Freehand Hotel in Miami first takes a batch of fresh, ripe strawberries, smokes them in a meat smoker and turns them into a hazy, pink syrup.


A mix of bourbon, coffee liqueur and orange bitters, the Revolver is a simple twist on the Manhattan.