See Way Punch

In this low-proof punch, Caitlin Laman hews closely to the traditional five-ingredient punch formula but trades the spirit for a mix of manzanilla sherry and red vermouth

Donna Brutta

This simple, low-proof punch from is built on a base of amontillado sherry with the added fall flavors of cranberry liqueur, spicy Byrrh and a splash of soda.

Señorita Spritz

Somewhere between tiki and canonical classic sits the Señorita Spritz, a genre-bending cocktail crafted from ingredients whose origins span the globe.

Delores Royale

In a clear wink to the seasonal change from summer to fall, the Delores Royale adds weight to the smoky mezcal base by way of apricot liqueur and amontillado sherry.

San Pancho

San Pancho swaps the typical Collins gin base for subtler sherry to better balance the floral notes of St-Germain.

The Golden Ananás

Lynnette Marrero's "desert island drink" combines fino sherry, aged rum, a "cheeky" measure of mezcal and that favorite tropical staple: pineapple.

The Castaway

Yanni Kehagiaras's slightly salty, tropical, sherry-based aperitif was inspired by the “notion of being on a raft off the coast of a tropical island.”


Between the buttery mezcal, nutty vermouth, bitter amaro and rich moscatel sherry, this drink is an earthy spice-bomb, made more so by the addition of hot and “woodsy” aji panca pepper syrup.

Dorothy’s Delight

Caitlin Laman of Trick Dog riffs on a base of two quintessential punch ingredients—tea and brandy—and combines them with coffee liqueur and dry oloroso sherry for a rich, smoky and slightly bitter punch.

Jack Rose’s Kümmel Trident

In D.C., Trevor Frye switches up the modern-classic Trident by replacing the traditional Scandnavian aquavit with kümmel, for a savory, low-proof riff.