Lickety Split

Drawing from the ingredients that she herself would most want at the end of the night, Kimberly Rosselle pairs dry vermouth with the floral notes of St-Germain and the bitterness of Amaro Lucano.

DuBoudreau Cocktail

Jim Meehan updates the rye-based Cooper Cocktail created by Seattle's renowned Jamie Boudreau in an East Coast ode to the West Coast original.

Basil Gimlet

The Basil Gimlet became ubiquitous throughout San Francisco after its introduction at Rye in 2006.


Created by Paul Harrington in 1990, this Pegu Club riff uses Campari in favor or Angostura bitters, and replaces lime juice with lemon juice.

Cable Car

Tony Abou-Ganim created the sugar-rimmed Cable Car as the signature cocktail at San Francisco's Starlight Room.

False Start

Westlight’s False Start is a stirred drink garnished with a cucumber that balances reposado tequila with bitter, nutty Cardamaro, rosso vermouth and Cynar, for a drink that’s rich but surprisingly light on its feet.

Sauvage Martini

The presentation of this bracing martini is lean and spare: pre-batched in bottles, chilled in the freezer and poured when ordered.

Red Velvet

The Red Velvet at New York's iconic Bemelmans Bar combines rye, spiced plum tea, lemon and egg white—along with a dusting of bee pollen—for a sophisticated twist on a Whiskey Sour.

River Tam Martini

Sother Teague's pre-bottled, spicy riff on the Martini.

Sesame Daiquiri

Adapted from the Playboy Host & Bar Book (1971) this classic daiquiri gets pumped up with the addition of sesame seed syrup.