Soft Shock

In our house Gin & Tonic recipe we cut down the proof by splitting the base between gin and fino sherry, and kick up the aromatics by way of a dose of both lime and mint.


Dan Sabo's unexpected twist on the cucumber Gin and Tonic calls on a cucumber juice ice cube that allows the drink to evolve over time.

Los Galgos Panky

An Argentine riff on the classic Hanky Panky from Los Galgos in Buenos Aires.

El Amargo

El Amargo is an Argentine riff on the Old-Fashioned from Ocho7Ocho head bartender Javier Sosa.

Duppy Conqueror

Brian Miller translates his favorite reggae song into drink form.

Kingston Soundsystem

A loose riff on the Jungle Bird, this reggae-inspired drink calls on a blend of rums and swaps in Suze for Campari.