Dale DeGroff’s Martini

Dale DeGroff’s Martini recipe builds on a simple and strong combination of Beefeater Gin and Martini Reserva Speciale Ambrato vermouth.

Jeremy Oertel’s Manhattan

Jeremy Oertel's take on the Manhattan was the top vote-getter at our tasting of 17 Manhattan recipes.

Poor Richard

Paul Calvert and Greg Best's low-proof fall punch features dry cider and cranberry cordial alongside Italian vermouth, lemon juice and freshly grated nutmeg.

See Way Punch

In this low-proof punch, Caitlin Laman hews closely to the traditional five-ingredient punch formula but trades the spirit for a mix of manzanilla sherry and red vermouth

Lickety Split

Drawing from the ingredients that she herself would most want at the end of the night, Kimberly Rosselle pairs dry vermouth with the floral notes of St-Germain and the bitterness of Amaro Lucano.

Dante’s Negroni

For his version of the classic Negroni, bartender Naren Young loses the equal parts ratio in favor of a more gin-heavy drink that dials back on the Campari and sweet vermouth.

False Start

Westlight’s False Start is a stirred drink garnished with a cucumber that balances reposado tequila with bitter, nutty Cardamaro, rosso vermouth and Cynar, for a drink that’s rich but surprisingly light on its feet.

Alta Linea’s Frozen Negroni

Alta Linea's Frozen Negroni takes the classic Italian staple and dresses it up in a new summer look by way of grapefruit sorbet.

Una Vita da Signori

At his cocktail bar near the Vatican, Massimo D’Addezio combines mezcal and Martini Gran Lusso with bitter flavors and an amaro infused with Cinchona, Peruvian bark and bitter orange.

Negroni del Professore

This twist on the classic Negroni uses Vermouth del Professore Classico, an aromatized wine made from Moscato grapes and based on a recipe created by Rome's The Jerry Thomas Project.