Fiore di Francia

A dinner-friendly cocktail with St-Germain and Cynar, from Boston's Ezra Star.

The Irish

Daniel Bedoya's Irish whiskey-based riff on the Old-Fashioned cocktail.

“Hot” Apple Punch

Ryan Casey’s take on the classic Champagne punch gets a dose of heat by way of ginger liqueur and habanero bitters.

DuBoudreau Cocktail

Jim Meehan updates the rye-based Cooper Cocktail created by Seattle's renowned Jamie Boudreau in an East Coast ode to the West Coast original.

Silver and Sand

Blood & Sand, a private cocktail club, offers 10 variations on the classic cocktail for which it is named. This is the most popular version.

Engawa’s Japanese Highball

The highball method practiced at a small sake (and whiskey) bar in Ishikawa prefecture called Washu Bar Engawa.

Byrrh de Garde

Here, Matt Tocco shakes together bourbon with fruity and bitter Byrrh, lemon juice and grenadine, for a drink that sits somewhere in between a Whiskey Sour, a Blinker and a Byrrh Cassis.

The Dead Rabbit Irish Coffee

An iconic take on the classic hot drink from New York's The Dead Rabbit.

Lamb’s Wool

Traditionally a spiced drink made with porter, New York's Dead Rabbit updates the classic just slightly with the addition of Irish whiskey for a spiritous, not-so-sweet riff on the Whiskey Toddy.

The Perfect BQE

Ivy Mix, now of Leyenda, notes that this drink is called “perfect” because it’s made with equal parts dry and sweet vermouth. As for the concept of the cocktail? “It's a marriage of the Red Hook and the Greenpoint,” she explains.