Alpine Spritz

The acidic Riesling, homemade grape syrup, and aromatic rosemary garnish add a layered complexity that continues to linger after the first sip in this Alpine-inspired spritz.

Queen Charlotte Punch

Thad Vogler of Bar Agricole leans on a base of red wine to keep ABV down in his seasonal punch, to which he adds a double dose of citrus, house-made raspberry syrup and sparkling water.

Punch House Spritz

Everyone should have a house spritz—a seasonal standard whose proportions are known by heart and ingredients are stocked easily. This is ours.

The St-Germain Cocktail

The St-Germain Cocktail, the classic spritz variation fueled by the iconic elderflower liqueur, embodies the spirit of low-alcohol conviviality prevalent throughout Europe.


Take frozen rosé and lemonade and smush it all together,” says Rob Krueger, and you wind up with the immediately enjoyable and supremely crushable frozémonade.

Sammy Davis Jr. Sour

Co-created by bartenders Pam Wiznitzer and Jonathan Pogash, this drink flips the traditional New York Sour with Manischewitz.

Meshugenah Margarita

Jill Dobias uses Manischewitz to add vibrant color and fruity sweetness to a Margarita, while balancing out the tartness of lime juice.

Lawn Sleeves

Traditionally a mulled wine made with madeira, the Dead Rabbit's version is spiced with clove, allspice, mace and sarsaparilla.

Excellent Negus

This lengthened bishop cocktail from The Dead Rabbit gets its kick from sherry and cognac sweetened with vanilla syrup and balanced with lemon and nutmeg.

So Long, Sweet Summer

This holiday punch was inspired by New York's unseasonably mild December—a union of citrus, spicy barrel-aged gin and peach-cinnamon shrub.