The Revenant

This drink sees Cognac stirred with Ramazzotti, Pamplemousse and black strap rum for an unexpectedly balanced drink, with fruity and bitter notes.


In the Petraske tradition, a Daiquiri ought to be crisp and well-balanced. Double it up and you've got the Snaquiri.


There are a dozen or so sherry and gin drinks that start to pop up during the twilight years of the 19th century and repeat themselves with very slight variations throughout. This is the best and most well-known.

La Môme

New York City bartender Natasha David's riff on the Martini builds on a base of rose-infused pisco.

Roman Holiday

This Jungle Bird omits rum altogether, putting focus on amari as well as cold-brew coffee.

Plum Royale

Kathleen Hawkins’ take on Champagne punch borrows from the classic Kir Royale, combining crème de cassis, plum shrub and Champagne.

Quit That Racquet

Curaçao steps up to center stage in this elegant gin cocktail (which can be served up or topped with soda) from Atlanta’s Greg Best.

Running of the Bulls

At Manhattan's Dear Irving, Tom Richter plays off the fruity flavors of sloe gin and genever with added citrus and curaçao.


Spyros Patsialos, former manager of Greece’s Faltso Bar, created this highly complex tiki drink using the native Greek spirit, mastiha, as the base.

Champagne Cobbler

This riff on the Sherry Cobbler gets an effervescent element by swapping the sherry base for bubbles.