Long Island Bar Gimlet

Brooklyn bartender Toby Cecchini serves this rendition of the Gimlet at The Long Island Bar. His version is infused with ginger-lime cordial and served on the rocks.

Michelada de la Madre

In his Michelada de la Madre, Jason Eisner offers an herbaceous riff on the classic.

Blood and Sanguinello

Unlike the original Blood and Sand cocktail, this version doesn’t include orange juice, but it does showcase Solerno, a blood orange liqueur.

Barrymore Room

A former bartender at Brooklyn’s Clover Club, Brad Farran created this variation on the bar’s namesake cocktail reverse-engineered with bourbon, lime juice, sweet vermouth and strawberry.

Canelli Sour

Building on a base of Contratto Bitter and tequila, plus grapefruit and lemon juices, Swenson dresses the summer-ready flavors for fall in this frothy sour.


This improbable cocktail—a blend of gin, sweet vermouth and Chartreuse—was invented in the United States in the late-19th century and is commonly attributed to bartender Harry Johnson.

Pins & Needles

A hybrid between a Daiquiri and a spritz, Alex Day's Pins & Needles combines aromatic rhum agricole with sweet, flowery Lillet Rosé and old-school sweetener pineapple gum.

Dorothy’s Delight

Caitlin Laman of Trick Dog riffs on a base of two quintessential punch ingredients—tea and brandy—and combines them with coffee liqueur and dry oloroso sherry for a rich, smoky and slightly bitter punch.


Aromatic Ramazzotti amaro and bitter Punt e Mes contribute to this deep-hued, full-bodied spin on the Manhattan.

Basil Gimlet

The Basil Gimlet became ubiquitous throughout San Francisco after its introduction at Rye in 2006.