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20 Holiday Gifts for Everyone on Your List

November 21, 2022

Story: Lee Musho

photo: Louise Palmberg

Partner Content

20 Holiday Gifts for Everyone on Your List

November 21, 2022

Story: Lee Musho

photo: Louise Palmberg

From the avid world traveler to the inventive home cook.

It can be hard to find gifts that make a statement. After all, does your friend with the expansive home bar really need another cocktail shaker? This holiday, gift them something they haven’t been gifted before.  

Check out our gifts below for every food and drink lover on your list, guaranteed to stand out and make them smile — from MARTINI & ROSSI products that call to mind leisurely afternoons in Italy to bar and kitchen accessories that will become beloved essentials for years to come.

For the Entertainer

These gifts are hand-selected for the entertainers at heart, whether they’ve had decades of experience hosting get-togethers or just recently moved into a home big enough for a party (and can’t wait to throw one). 

A case of MARTINI & ROSSI Asti Spumante
This wine, made from the famous Moscato Bianco grape (and given the coveted DOCG status) has notes of peach, pineapple, pear, and sage. Over ice, it’s an ideal party sparkler. Buy your friend a case so they’ll always have some on hand for when guests pop in. 

Mismatched Coasters
These tile coasters are eye-catching, yet clean and simple. They come in all colors of the rainbow. Gift a few mismatched ones to complement your friend’s decor — they can sprinkle them around the house for an easy place for guests to rest their glasses. 

Enamel Cocktail Picks and Wine Charms
Gone are the days of your great aunt’s wine charms: These cocktail picks and wine charms will help guests distinguish whose drink is whose with a modern pop of color — a perfect gift for a born entertainer. The brand also sells zodiac cocktail picks for the entertainer who plans seating charts by sign. 

A Festive Platter
Every entertainer needs server wear that stands out. This funky platter can be used as kitchen decor and can be filled up with treats at a moment’s notice. 

Delta Faucet Glass Rinser
It’s all fun and games until the guests go home. This glass rinser is the ideal gift for the entertainer who dreads cleanup. The setup is simple, and it cleans glasses in a snap. 

For the World Traveler

The world traveler’s hard to pin down — gift them things that will make their home feel just as special as the far-off places they love to eat and drink their way through. 

Snacks From Around the World
Every traveler has that snack they think about constantly that’s nearly impossible to find in their home country — making cravings that much more profound. With this monthly box, they can be inspired to travel to new places, find new flavors to love, and indulge in the treats they’ve only ever had overseas. 

Gift an Experience
Get Your Guide sells experiences in 3,600 destinations around the world. From dinner cruises on the Seine to guided wine trips in Napa, shark cave dives in Oahu, street food tours from Dubai to Rome, and even whale watching and Northern Lights yacht tours in Reykjavik. With a Get Your Guide gift card you can treat your world traveler with a once-in-a-lifetime experience, no matter where they end up next.

MARTINI & ROSSI Riserva Speciale Ambrato
Bring Italy home to your world traveler with this crafted vermouth. Its honeyed and floral aromas will remind them of late afternoons in Italy sipping spritzes during golden hour. And when mixed with soda water and garnished with lime or caper berries it becomes a Vermuttino, an ideal drink to call back memories of that little town in Italy they won’t stop talking about.

Yolo Journal Subscription
Feel like your friend has traveled the world over? They’ll find even more to explore when they read the Yolo journal and newsletter, filled with trip inspiration, boutique hotels and spas, and insider tips on anything from restaurants in little-known Greek islands to who to call when you want to go on a big cat safari in Brazil. 

Airport Lounge Access
With Priority Pass, you can gift your world traveler a year subscription to 1,300 airport lounges in 148 countries around the world. Thanks to you, they’ll say goodbye to overpriced airport junk food and hello to free drinks and gourmet meals.

For the Mixologist

These gifts are for the person who’s behind the bar at every party, mixing up a batch of their famous cocktail everyone can’t get enough of. 

MARTINI & ROSSI Riserva Speciale Bitter
This bitter is an essential part of any home bar. It’s made with saffron, angostura, and calumba botanicals and will add something special to your mixologist’s signature Negroni.

A DIY Tonic Maker Kit
This tonic maker kit from Oaktown Spice Shop in Oakland C.A. comes with cinchona bark, citric acid, lemongrass, cubeb pepper, and Jamaican allspice to make about 1 quart of intensely flavorful concentrate. That’s enough tonic for up to 60 drinks. Gift this with the above bitters and your mixologist will have a no-fuss signature drink they can stir together quickly. 

An Ice Stamp
Help your mixologist make their cocktails their own with these custom stamps. When they hold the stamp up to the electric warmer, they can brand their ice cubes with anything from their initials to a custom logo, taking their drinks to a whole new level. 

Glasses Made for Manhattans or Martinis
Gift your mixologist an ode to their favorite drink with these chic cocktail glasses made by Maison Balzac. The Manhattan is made with an everlasting glass cherry at the bottom of the glass, while the martini comes with an olive, serving as a reminder to never forget the final garnish. 

Ice Bucket
Any mixologist can have a silver ice bucket. But this Jonathan Adler ice bucket is a showstopper. It’s sleek and colorful, made from a gorgeous swirled turquoise resin — an accessory any mixologist would want to feature on their home bar.

For the Home Cook

We all have that friend who you rarely see without their apron, and when dining out, tells you they can remake the restaurant-made dish at home. These gifts will make the home cook’s favorite pastime that much more fun. 

Unique and Colorful Kitchen Towels
Your home cook has never seen a kitchen towel like this before. L.A.-based food and drink illustrator Marianna Fierro created these playful machine-washable towels with charming graphics of fruits like peaches and strawberries and even Italian meats like mortadella and salami

A Bottle of MARTINI & ROSSI Fiero Vermouth
This bittersweet citrus and orange Italian aperitif, when mixed with tonic, makes for a perfect light-lift drink to sip on while cooking. It’s the drink to savor while spending the day in the kitchen — just what your home cook has been missing. It will also prepare their palette for the meal to come. 

Olive Oil That Will Never Run Low
There are certain things that you have to keep in stock as a home cook. But this fresh, single-harvest, organic olive oil will make stocking up special. Adopt an olive oil tree in Puglia in your home cook’s name (you can choose from a one-time or a year subscription) and depending on what you choose, they will receive tins of their own delicious olive oil, a ceramic jug, a fusti (stainless steel dispenser) and an adoption certificate from the farm. 

A Cutting Board That Makes Prep Fun
Help your home cook look forward to mise-en-place with Fredericks and Mae’s colorful speckled cutting boards, which come in a multitude of colors like confetti and rainbow. The brand also sells other basics like chef’s knives and cheese knives to elevate your home cook’s kitchen essentials. 

A Flavor Makeover
When you’re used to stale spices, fresh spices change the game. These essential spices from Diaspora Co. like black pepper, ginger, and nutmeg are ethically sourced from across India. Your home cook won’t believe the rich flavors coming from spices they thought they knew — it’s like gifting a whole pantry and recipe refresh.

Branded Content Editor: Lee Musho
Photographer: Louise Palmberg

Creative Director: Colleen Lennon
Beverage Stylist: Molly Morrow Corrigan
Prop Stylist: Stephanie Yeh
Producer: Alex Friedlander