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Five Cocktails That Embody the Avant-Garde

From an umami-forward Old-Fashioned to a poblano-spiked Cuba Libre, here are five drinks that represent the zeitgeist.

Broken Shaker LA pebble rebble cocktail recipe

What defines the current cocktail zeitgeist? After poring over dozens of drink lists from top bars across the country we identified the ingredients that appeared with the greatest frequency, and then asked bartenders to explain why and how to use each. Lychee is represented by Death & Co.‘s Queen Snake; the umami obsession by the Cat’s Paw at Raised by Wolves and peppers galore in the poblano-accented La Playa Cubana at Donna. Banana shines in Cane & Table‘s Banana Spider, while re-used coffee grounds get a second life in Broken Shaker L.A.’s Pebble Rebel.

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