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Download Winter Drinks: 10 Essential Cold-Weather Cocktails

November 20, 2019

Story: Punch Staff

art: Nick Hensley

A handsome collection of 10 essential classic winter drinks, revamped for right now. Just enter your email below and it's yours.

What exactly defines a winter drink? When we look through the history of cocktails, there are a number of drinks that have become synonymous with a season: no one would argue against the Daiquiri, the Piña Colada, the Margarita, or, of late, the spritz as being the cocktail-world equivalents of a “Greetings from Paradise” postcard. Likewise, when that first hint of winter comes marching in, there are drinks that have historically been its flag bearers.

Hot toddy. Mulled wine. Spiked cider. Hot buttered rum. Irish coffee. The cocktail world’s classic hot drinks have long led that procession—they are, after all, drinks quite literally built to fortify us against the cold. But winter drinking today goes far beyond spiking one’s mug of steaming liquid with rum or whiskey. The craft cocktail renaissance has cracked open a brave new world of possibilities. Today, a “winter drink” can span everything from herbal coolers to batched and bottled cocktails for a crowd to concoctions like the Daiquiri—whose all- important citrus component is, it should be noted, at its prime in winter—reimagined with cool weather in mind.

This collection of 10 recipes features just a few of our throw-it-together winter favorites, from a souped-up riff on the Whiskey Sour to a cider-spiked take on the Bicicletta. We hope you break out those bar tools and drink along with us. Just subscribe below to download the e-book, and don’t forget to tag your photos with @punch_drink and #WinterDrinks.